Unexpectedly Intriguing!
10 March 2006

Okay, we're turning last week's post title for summarizing and linking to the best contributions from money-related blog carnivals into a regular feature! Once again, we've sorted through a couple hundred contributions to all the carnivals named below, and have extracted the top posts, the sharpest analysis and anything we thought was truly cool, including the Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! Keep reading to find out who took the top honor this week!

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's CotC is hosted by FMF of Free Money Finance.

Some Assembly Required

BPG of BigPictureSmallOffice.com's post on the art of negotiation nearly took the Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM) award this week for good reason. Read and see why.

What's Your Motivation Threshold?

Steve Pavlina has a very interesting take on the role that motivation plays in determining success or failure in achieving a goal. Plus, he provides a mental picture of Socrates dunking a young man's head in the water and nearly drowning him after the young man asked him how to acquire wisdom.

Carnival of Entrepreneurship

The carnival for entrepreneurs is being hosted by David Daniels at Global Market Development this week.

Why Most Businesses Fail (a Theoretical Model)

The best post of the week, anywhere, is MarkTAW.com's post on the topic of what it takes to make a new business successful. It's a long post, but well worth reading (at least twice!) if you're even thinking about starting up your own enterprise.

Carnival of Investing

This week's Carnival of Investing is being hosted by Jeffrey Strain of Personal Finance Advice.

How Do You Think About Money?

Dan Melson of Searchlight Crusade makes some really good points about money - it really is all about what it can do!

Currency Devaluation Watch: Zinc and Pennies

Daily Dose of Optimism is watching the commodity prices for zinc and has pinpointed the price at which they'll go through all their pennies (minted since 1982) for the sake of melting them down! Of course, pennies minted before 1982 (made from copper) are already at that point!

Carnival of Personal Finance

The 38th edition of the personal finance carnival is hosted this week at the Canadian Capitalist. Is that an oxymoron?

RRSP or Mortgage Then

Keeping with the Great White North theme, the Big Cajun Man of Canadian Financial Stuff reviews a series of posts by asking (and answering) a good question for anywhere - which is better: paying off debt or saving and investing for retirement?

Tax, Inflation and Stock Market Returns

The Real Returns shows how taxes and inflation eat away at the returns earned in stock market investments.

Cash Only Experiment

No Credit Needed is putting their money where their mouth is - they're only spending a pre-determined amount of cash this month and they're tracking their progress in this post. The photo showing exactly what bills they've used is priceless!

Festival of Frugality

This week, the Festival of Frugality is Simply Thrifty!

Amazon Money Flood

Did you ever wonder what to do with all those books and other stuff that you've bought over the years that you'll never read or use again? Fearless Money shows off his strategy for using Amazon.com's marketplace to make money from items cluttering up his home.

Amazon Price Watch Tool

Not straying far from the Amazon empire, Jeffrey of Personal Finance (not to be confused with Jeffrey Strain of Personal Finance Advice) is taking advantage of Amazon's Price Watch tool, which gives its users the opportunity to be sure that they receive the lowest price on items they purchase (within a 30 day window.)

Carnival of Debt Reduction

The blog carnival dedicated to reducing individual debt burdens (now in its 25th edition) is being hosted this week by Jim at the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Debt Control - Top Ten Causes of Debt from Bankrate.com

Harrison Loke of the Finandom Blog, aka "The Journey to Financial Freedom", provides a listing of the Top 10 reasons people wind up in debt.

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