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10 October 2008

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, October 10, 2008 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, your one-stop shop for the best posts mined from the money and business blog carnivals of the past week!

Okay, who's ready for a change of pace this week? With all the bad news emanating from the world's stock markets, why not kick off the weekend with some really stupid ideas for saving money? Or maybe take some time to find out why Heath Ledger's life insurance company is holding back on paying claims associated with his untimely death? Or maybe you just want to know what will be the hottest part of your town's real estate market?

But that's not all - there's so much more of the best posts that we found in the week that was, including The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! It's all awaiting you below - just keep scrolling!...

On the Moneyed Midways for October 10, 2008
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Our New-To-Us Used Truck (Or, Why Pay $26K When You Can Pay $4K Instead?) Financial Wellness Project fwp's story of how her SO (Significant Other) opted for a used truck over the biggest incentives ever offered for a brand new truck illustrates why frugal consumers can keep Detroit from bouncing back anytime soon!
Carnival of Personal Finance Nothing is Automatic InsureBlog Bob Vineyard explains why even though reports indicate that actor Heath Ledger died of "an accidental drug overdose," his life insurance company is holding off paying the claim and asking if he lied on his application. Absolutely essential reading! for revealing how life insurance claims are assessed in real life.
Carnival of Real Estate The Mortgage Loan Market Controls the Real Estate Market Searchlight Crusade What kind of real estate is going to be hot in your area? Dan Melson says that looking at who's selling and what kind of loan they're able to get defines what the hot properties in your local real estate market will be! Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Taxes Myth Busted: $7,500 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Is Not a Credit My Dollar Plan Madison DuPaix looks at the first-time home buyers "tax credit" championed by lots of politicians and discovers that it's not a really a tax credit. The surprise: it's really a loan!
Carnival of Trust Risky Business: Microcredit in Argentina Harvard International Review Microcredit has led to some pretty amazing economic development in third world countries, not to mention a Nobel prize for its inventor, but Natasa Kovacevic finds that it's not working in Argentina because distrust in institutions has been institutionalized! The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Cavalcade of Risk Credit Market Turmoil and Politicians A Different View on Politics viewonpolitics identifies what it is that smells in the "crap sandwich" piece of legislation that's better known as the big bank bailout bill.
Leadership Development Carnival Leadership Is About Skills Not Gender NinaSimosko.com Nina Simosko considers the gender-oriented questions being directed at Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin and wonders what if we didn't know who she was, but rather only knew her views, policies and credentials? And what if we did that for every candidate for political office?
Festival of Frugality Three Ridiculous and Stupid Ideas that Save You Money Lazy Man and Money The Lazy Man isn't serious. You should not try any of these three things to save money. Especially the thing that would lead you into "dying like a pirate."
Festival of Stocks Wells Fargo (WFC) and the Wachovia (WB) Bid: Crafty or Crazy? College Analysts James Cullen considers whether or not Wells Fargo (WFC) is making a good business decision in acquiring Wachovia (WB), and wonders if Bank of America (BAC) will start snapping up its weaker rivals.
Money Hacks Carnival How I Live Without Borrowing Money No Credit Needed NCN has lived without borrowing any money or using a credit card for four years. He explains how he and his family have survived all that time in America!

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