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02 January 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, January 2, 2009 special edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only running review of the best posts that we can find in the best of each week's business and money-related blog carnivals!

Unlike the usual kind of "special" edition we have, where we use the word "special" as a synonym for "late," this special edition of OMM really is special. We've gone back through all our editions from 2008 to identify the best of the best. This truly special edition features 10 posts in all, with one we've declared one to be The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!(TM)

This edition of OMM is also special in that it's the first part of a double-edition highlighting the best of business and money-related blog carnivals of 2008. Our next edition will feature the best bloggers we discovered during the course of the year through those hundreds of carnivals we reviewed.

But for that second part of this special edition, you'll have to wait until next week. For now, literally every post you see below is Absolutely Essential Reading!(TM). Nothing less than the very best of the year that was awaits you below....

On the Moneyed Midways for 2 January 2009
OMM Edition Blog Carnival Post Title Blog Comments
1/12/2008 Carnival of the Capitalists Requiem for a Cheese and Simple Trust Three Star Leadership Wally Bock tells the story about the importance of trust involving a cheese that people wanted, a company that met the need, and which was later acquired by a larger company, which led to the cheese (and a good amount of trust) being lost forever.
2/29/2008 Carnival of HR When Incentives Backfire Trusted Advisor Aligning goals and incentives seems like a very simple and highly desirable thing to do, but Charles H. Green explains the potential consequences of not getting them right.
3/28/2008 Odysseus Medal You Weren't Meant to Have a Boss Paul Graham Paul Graham couldn't put his finger on what was wrong with a group of programmers out on a team-building scavenger hunt, which ultimately leads to his fascinating proposal for a very different way for companies to organize themselves to do business. Quite simply, The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!
4/4/2008 Carnival of HR How to Quit Your Job Fortify Your Oasis If you're nearing the end of the time in which you work for your current employer, following Rowan Manahan's guide to leaving your job will strengthen your future work prospects.
5/16/2008 Carnival of Real Estate Home Owners Want To Be Lied To.... Minneapolis Real Estate Blog A homeowner asked Jennifer Kirby to be "brutally honest" in assessing their house and what price it should be listed on the market. She lost the listing to another agent who told the owner what they really wanted to hear.
5/30/2008 Festival of Stocks How to Turn $5000 Into $22 Million? Lessons From One Successful Investor FIRE Finance Anna Scheiber was an IRS auditor who, after being thwarted from advancing her career, swore she would get back at the agency by becoming rich and never giving a penny of her profits up in taxes.
6/14/2008 Festival of Frugality The Unlikely Way to Save Money The Rants and Musings of a Gay Lunatic Andy Heath actively considered becoming homeless as a strategy to deal with his mounting debts, and even actively started on the path to become homeless before settling on the only really logical approach he could follow.
7/18/2008 Carnival of Personal Finance Not-So-Slacker Insurance II: …And I Love My HSA Blue Jeans Millionaire How should you go about selecting a company health care plan? Christine talks through how she chose between the different health care plans available through her work.
8/8/2008 Carnival of HR Hiring Lessons from Soccer Career Encouragement Blog What can you learn about the importance of bringing strong talent to your team from the hiring of a girls' football coach? More than you might ever think!
10/17/2008 Carnival of HR Bad Boss or a Bad Job Fit? Maximize Possibility Chris Young observes "Nobody walks around saying, 'I made a mistake coming to work here. I should seek employment elsewhere.' Instead - they blame the management. The problem is they hired the wrong people to do the job!"

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