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13 February 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, February 13, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, where today is your lucky day for finding the best of the past week's money and business-related blog carnivals!

It never fails. The week or so after we rant about organizing a blog carnival around a timely event or holiday is a recipe for disaster, along comes an example of how to do it right. This week, that honor goes to the Carnival of Real Estate's Valentine's Day-themed carnival, which is simply well done. If more carnival hosts took this week's host's approach, we'd have a lot less dread going into those weeks where there's a greeting card holiday involved....

In other news, we've finally broken away from blogrolling.com for managing our blogroll. They've had technical issues for some time, but with no end to those issues in sight, we finally took matters into our own hands and made some much needed updates. Why explain this here in this week's edition of OMM? Well, our frequent readers will recognize the much belated addition of the Best Blogs We've Found and a number of other excellent blogs to our rolls - if you're looking for solid reading, you won't be disappointed by clicking your way through our list of the best!

Speaking of solid reading, the best posts we found among the business and money-related blog carnivals of the week that was are just a mouse click away....

On the Moneyed Midways for February 13, 2009
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Second Stimulus Check for Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package? Money Blue Book Raymond analyzes the Obama administration's proposed stimulus package and wonders if it wouldn't be smarter to simply write each taxpayer a really big check this time around.
Carnival of HR Is Human Bias Helping You Lay Off the Wrong Employee Talent? Maximizing Possibility If you're the boss, how can you be sure you're protecting your business by hanging on to your best talent when you're going through a period of layoffs? Chris Young describes the dilemma facing managers in distressed businesses and offers an objective solution to overcome the danger of favoritism.
Carnival of Personal Finance Why You Should at Least Learn to Bake You Might As Well Burn $5! We really shouldn't review blog carnivals before having breakfast, but hopefully that explains why we found Margaret's $0.25 near-coffee shop grade blueberry muffins so appealing!
Carnival of Personal Finance Getting Out of Debt My Dollar Plan Madison DuPaix tells the story of how she helped her brother-in-law overcome a situation where he was out-of-work and racking up massive credit card debt while avoiding bankruptcy. Absolutely essential reading! for providing the game plan anyone in similar circumstances can follow.
Carnival of Real Estate Short Sale Listings: Leaving Out Key Details Is Like Telling a Lie… Rain City Guide Courtney Cooper advocates for the need for honesty and transparency on the part of listing agents who are making transactions more unlikely by not fully disclosing a property's short sale status in their listings. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! simply because these principles apply all the way up the financial food chain!
Carnival of the Capitalists Business Models The Dax Files Dax Montana considers the things that barbers, hairdressers and restaurants have in common that make their business models successful, then asks why don't doctors and hospitals follow their example.
Cavalcade of Risk You've Got Money: Invest It All or Dollar Cost Average? Digerati Life What if you had a sudden financial windfall and you were looking for how to best put your money into investments to work for you? The Silicon Valley Blogger considers three options: Lump Sum Investing, Value Cost Averaging and Dollar Cost Averaging - click through to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each! Absolutely essential reading!
Festival of Frugality Why Do Frugality Tips Suck So Badly? Mighty Bargain Hunter As often as we review frugal tips contributed by bloggers to frugality and personal finance-related blog carnivals, we have to admit that we have the same question. MBH explains why its not the tips, so much as it’s the expectations for them….
Leadership Development Carnival Evolving from Manager to Leader Software Project Management Pawel Brodzinski outlines six things a manager needs to bring to their team to be more than just an administrator.
Money Hacks Carnival Smart Refrigeration Lowers Electricity Bill FIRE Finance Hack your refrigerator! The folks at FIRE Finance tell you how to do just that with a number of tips for getting cooler food at a lower cost!
Carnival of Money Stories Even Your Friends Can Screw You M Is for Money Miss M tells how relying upon a friend in financial transaction won't protect you when they put their interests ahead of yours.

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