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12 June 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to this regularly scheduled Friday, June 12, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, where the best of the past week's business and money-related blog carnivals is transformed into your essential weekend reading!

We found the leading contender to be The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere! in this past week, but with more than half the year yet to come, the question will be "can it hold on?"

To find out why that post we've identified as this week's Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! has become the frontrunner, you'll need to read it and ideally, compare it to its competitors! The best posts of the week that was await you doing just that....

On the Moneyed Midways for June 12, 2009
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction My Journey to Payoff Half a Million in Debt Money Stance Alex makes decent money, but has accumulated a massive level of debt - over $519,000, which translates to a negative net worth of -$95,630. Here, he details where it goes and how his family plans to budget their way out.
Carnival of HR HR's Spineless Response Jon Ingham's Strategic HCM Blog Jon Ingham regrets not challenging the thinking (and collusion) of HR professionals that led to the lousy design of compensation practices in the banking industry, which ultimately contributed to the collapse of institutional trust.
Carnival of Personal Finance Women Should Buy Their Own Engagement Ring Amateur Asset Allocator Kyle surveys today's workforce where women outnumber men and argues that if it's really important to a woman, she should buy her own engagement ring. Meanwhile, Las Vegas oddsmakers have sharply reduced their outlook for Kyle's prospects of ever successfully becoming engaged....
Carnival of Real Estate Where to Get a Bad Credit Loan Mortgage Mortgages Explained No, Mortgages Explained isn't talking about how to get a lousy mortgage, but rather, how to get a mortgage if you have gone through bankruptcy or have a lousy credit history. Oddly enough, they recommend U.S. government taxpayer backed USDA, VA or FHA loans (what does *that* tell you about the U.S. government's priorities?...)
Carnival of the Capitalists Network Like a Man The Art of Manliness Antonio Centeno identifies the manly ways in which anyone can become champion networkers. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Trust Rebuilding Trust Logos Institute The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! Helio Fred Garcia summarizes James O'Toole's and Warren Bennis' recent article in the Harvard Business Review and expands on their views using three independent examinations of the subject. Quite simply, the new frontrunner for The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!
Festival of Frugality Why Cash for Clunkers Will Hurt Low-Income Drivers Automatic Finances Fred Siegmund explains how a Congressional proposal to give $4,500 to dealers for customers who replace old cars with new, more fuel efficient models could backfire by taking affordable cars out of the market.
Festival of Stocks Can the Piotroski Method Improve Magic Formula Results? MagicDiligence Steve describes Joseph Piotroski's scoring method for evaluating stocks with low price-to-book values and applies it to evaluate stocks that have been selected according to Joel Greenblatt's "magic formula." Absolutely essential reading!
Money Hacks Carnival Is Budgeting Keeping You Poor? The Dough Roller DR considers seven things that you need to think about before committing to a strict following of your newly created budget.
Carnival of Money Stories From Frugal to Cheap: The Time I Got a Wal-Mart Haircut The Wiser Miser MoneyEnergy, the host of this week's Carnival of Money Stories, liked Lynne's story of how she ended up with a smoking mullet so much that he contributed it on her behalf - we're glad he did! Absolutely essential reading!

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