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08 January 2010

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to Part II of our special two-part edition of On the Moneyed Midways! In this edition, we will identify the top business or money-related blog posts of 2009, declaring one to be The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!, while also presenting our full index for the year. In Part I, we identified the best blogs we found in producing each edition of OMM during 2009.

In preparing our "Best Post of 2009" edition, we went through each of our weekly editions for 2009 to narrow down the list of potential candidates to just those that we had either identified as Absolutely essential reading or as The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! That gave us 131 posts to review and rank based upon our criteria for quality of writing, depth of insight as well as educational and entertainment value.

The 16 posts below are the best we found among all the money and business-related blog carnivals throughout 2009. While one is The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!, all are absolutely essential reading!

The index for all our editions in 2009 appears below the table.

The Best Posts of 2009
OMM Edition Blog Carnival Post Title Blog Comments
January 16, 2009 Carnival of Personal Finance Prison Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About Personal Finance Money Grubbing Lawyer Roger is an ex-con (and client of MGL) who spent 10 of the last 16 years in prison. He connects valuable lessons in personal finance to what he absorbed while behind bars.
March 20, 2009 Carnival of HR Best Is Not Always Nice HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby makes a pretty compelling case that the best bosses aren't necessarily the nicest ones.
April 03, 2009 Festival of Frugality My Daughter Won't Remember We Were Broke DomesticCents Nicki and her husband don't have much and can't even begin to afford to give her daughter all things that they would like to be able to give her. But does that really matter?
April 17, 2009 Money Hacks Carnival How to Be a Millionaire: As Explained by a 4th Grader Prime Time Money Fourth grader Jenna Fink's contest winning artwork explains all anyone needs to really learn about what it takes to become a millionaire!
June 05, 2009 Festival of Frugality Buying a Car for $500 (Not a Typo) Restoring Your Finances and Your Faith Cindy tells the story of Chris Hedgecock, who started a business aimed at connecting the buyers and sellers of cars valued under $1000 and created a video blog of his own experience in putting his money where his mouth is by using his site to buy an extremely cheap car then taking it cross-country.
June 12, 2009 Carnival of Trust Rebuilding Trust Logos Institute Helio Fred Garcia summarizes James O'Toole's and Warren Bennis' recent article in the Harvard Business Review and expands on their views for what it takes to rebuild trust after its been damaged. Helio's post is, quite simply, our choice for The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!
June 19, 2009 Carnival of Real Estate What If the Real Estate INDUSTRY Didn't Control the Real Estate Market? BloodhoundBlog Brian Brady advocates an intriguing idea for reintroducing competition and breaking the National Association of Realtor's near monopoly on home listings: a NASDAQ-like open market for real estate.
July 03, 2009 Festival of Frugality The Really Obvious Thing We All Forget When Borrowing Money Monevator The Investor says that it's not you today who pays the price for the money you borrow - it's you tomorrow who foots the bill. Do you really want to do that to yourself?
July 17, 2009 Money Hacks Carnival What to Do When Money Conflicts with Ethics MoneyNing Ning tells her father's story, who passed up easy money by refusing to take payola while working at a Hong Kong television broadcaster.
August 28, 2009 Cavalcade of Risk Hurricane-Proof Your Roof: Insurance, Inventories and Adjusters The Roofery A very authoritative post that answers the questions of what kind of insurance do you need and what do you need to do and what can you expect after your house is damaged by a hurricane (or other weather-related event.)
September 25, 2009 Carnival of Personal Finance Why Rechargeable Batteries Are Rarely Cost Effective Len Penzo dot Com When and where do rechargeable batteries make sense to use? Len Penzo finds that it takes more than green perceptions to justify their use over non-rechargeable batteries.
October 02, 2009 Carnival of Personal Finance Why My Kids Will Drive a Piece of Crap FiscalGeek When Paul Van Lierop's kids get to driving age, they're not going to get a nice car! What's more, although he'll save a lot of money with this decision, the reasons why he won't get them a nice car have nothing to do with money!
October 30, 2009 Money Hacks Carnival Dollar Cost Averaging: Useful Tool, Bad Idea, or Marketing Gimmick? Affine Financial Services Helen Maynard asks a great question about whether this often-championed investing strategy really works, building pro and con arguments for all three potential answers.
November 13, 2009 Carnival of Personal Finance Travel Hacking for Noobs: How We Save Hundreds on Airfare, Get Free Accommodation & Make Money While Overseas Man vs. Debt Adam Baker is maybe *the* guy who would know all the ins-and-outs of travel hacking and how social networking is transforming the options available for travel hackers, seeing as he relocated his family halfway around the world without having a job lined up first!
November 27, 2009 Carnival of Money Stories Reasons Why I Love In-N-Out Burger: It's No Secret Good Financial Cents In-N-Out Burger is a fast-food franchise available in just four states (CA, NV, AZ and UT). If you live anywhere else in the world, Jeff Rose's post will make you wish you had an In-N-Out near you just so you can order off the secret menu! This year's runner up to The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!
December 04, 2009 Best of Money Carnival Results of the $100 Scratch Off Lottery Project Budgets Are Sexy What if you had $100? Would you buy 100 scratch off lottery tickets to try to win more money? J. Money tests out this investing strategy, finds that they measure some 33 feet when laid out end-to-end and are 2 inches thick when stacked, and reports the financial results of this unique investing strategy!

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