Unexpectedly Intriguing!
24 March 2006

This week, we're finally recognizing some patterns as to who is producing some of the best commentary around the business end of the blogosphere in this week's edition - be ready to update your bookmarks!

Carnival of the Capitalists

The CotC is hosted this week by Casey Software.

Hierarchy and GM

Professor Stephgn Bainbridge looks at GM's economic problems and finds that perhaps its biggest problems are those that revolve around its culture. Essential reading for anyone who doesn't understand what it takes to turn around a struggling business with deeply rooted issues.

It must be Friday - they are laying people off again

One of the best essayists in the blogosphere today, David St. Lawrence (via Ripples) wonders if the business decision to layoff staff acquired during good times really addresses what ailing the company. Another good discussion of the importance of culture within a business.

Carnival of Debt Reduction

Jeffrey Strain of Personal Financial Advice has put his foot down this week and weeded out all the non-debt reduction related posts that have filled recent editions of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. We here at Political Calculations are eternally thankful, since we pretty much see the same contributions from carnival to carnival in putting this weekly summary together!

Try Cash Only - or Debit Only

Ane at Money and Investing begins by looking at recent advertising from Citbank and Visa, then deflates the ad campaigns and argues that responsible credit card holders should pursue a different strategy than the one taking center stage in the ads.

Using 0% Balance Transfers to Pay Off Debt

Each week that we've put this summary of the best posts we find in the various blog carnivals, we just about always find an excellent entry in the personal finance categories from Jim at the Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. This week's thoughtful entry on whether it makes sense to use the balance transfer strategy to pay off debt is no different!

Carnival of Investing

The 14th edition of the Carnival of Investing is hosted by Neo of Neo's Nest Egg.

Asset Allocation Basics, Part V Index Investing

Not just a good primer on the various major stock index funds, but one that also shows what a large difference there can be when the same stocks are weighted differently within an index fund. A strong contender for, but not quite, the Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM)!

Credit Bureaus Are Selling Your Personal Mortgage Inquiry

David Porter of the Pacesetter Mortgage Blog has discovered that the big credit bureaus are compiling lists of people who have recently applied for a mortgage and are selling the lists they generate to the highest bidder.

Carnival of Personal Finance

This week's carnival is being hosted by JLP at the recently renamed All Things Fiscal.

Personal Enrichment: Buy Real Estate Now? Wait Til Mortgage Rates Go Higher!

The world champion post for counterintuitivity goes to the Net Worth Blog, whose observations regarding how high mortgage rates should impact an individual's decision of when to buy a house are certainly interesting!

IRA Contribution Limit Workaround

Five Cent Nickel is another personal finance blogger well worth bookmarking. This week's thoughts on how one might increase their retirement savings beyond the limits presribed by law for IRAs and 401(k) accounts is well worth considering.

Festival of Frugality

This week's Festival of Frugality is being hosted by Free Money Finance.

What's the Best Way to Budget?

The fine folks at Firevalt find that rather than holding strict limits on the various categories that make up a monthly budget, it may be better to aim at simply being cash flow positive (income - expenses) during the month.

Tips for Saving on Energy Costs

It wouldn't really be about frugality if there weren't any money saving tips! The best this week comes from Sound Money Tips, who has found that you might be able to score a seriously discounted kit with items that consume less energy from your local utility.

Carnival of Entrepreneurship

The newest of the major money and business-related blog carnivals is hosted this week by Jeff Cornwall of The Entrepreneurial Mind.

Focus on Your Value to Each Customer

Chris Yeh of Adventures in Capitalism provides one of the best insights that any prospective entrepreneur should take to heart. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM)!

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