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14 April 2006

Carnival Midway from The JerkWelcome to the Friday, April 14th edition of Political Calculations' On the Moneyed Midways, the first "übercarnival" dedicated to rounding up the best posts from each of the blog carnivals dedicated to business, debt reduction, economics, frugal living, investing, personal finance and entrepreneurship, and the best of the best wins Political Calculations' Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM) award. On the Moneyed Midways is presented every Friday, making it perfect for the weekend reader – not only can you quickly find the best posts of each carnival, you can also catch up with the carnivals themselves in one place!

Now that you know what OMM is all about, let's get to what you'd rather be doing than your taxes this weekend….

The Best Posts of the Week – April 14, 2006
Carnival Contributor Post Comment
Carnival of the Capitalists Ripples Think of a blog as a thought transmitter David St. Lawrence shines again with an essay comparing the world of difference between the instant communication of ideas via the Internet and blogging vs. the old methods of publishing.
Carnival of the Capitalists Photon Courier An Engine with Sterling Stirling Qualities David Foster writes on the intersection of an old invention and newly invented methods of finance and what it might mean to the economic development of the most impoverished areas of the world. Winner of this week's Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM) award!
Carnival of the Capitalists Slow Leadership How to Kill Creativity For a business to be successful in the long haul, it must value creativity in its employees. Carmine Coyote finds that far too many organizations place barriers in the way of pursuing creative solutions.
Carnival of Debt Reduction Personal Finance Advice Budget Busters: The 4 E's of Overspending Emergencies, embarrassment, emotion and easy are the 4 "E"'s of overspending - Jeffrey Strain describes each and how to avoid them (and the debt they can bring!)
Carnival of Entrepreneurship Marketing Comet What Should I Name My Business? All prospective entrepreneurs have to answer this question (certainly all those not pursuing the franchise route.) J.D. Moore outlines the common sense considerations that might have led Shakespeare to ask: "What's in a name?"
Carnival of Investing "D"igital Breakfast Sun Tzu and the Art of Making or Buying a Sandwich Winner of the Best Post Title of the Week, Anywhere(TM) award, Tom breaks his homemade sandwich down into individual components, finds the unit prices, and compares the total assembled cost to a co-worker's store bought sandwich and find it to be cheaper. Sure, he forgot to factor in his own labor and operating costs (rent, utilities, etc.) but still entertaining!
Carnival of Investing The Real Returns Balanced/Hybrid Fund Performance The Real Returns finds that a hybrid fund provides a better return than the sum of two funds representing its components. A must read for IRA or 401(k)/403(b) investors!
Carnival of Personal Finance Ask Uncle Bill You, Inc. Uncle Bill reveals how the U.S. tax code strongly favors the small business owner.
Carnival of Personal Finance Money and Investing Clutter Reduction Ane is cleaning house and cleaning up at the same time - find out all the modern options for clearing one's house of clutter!
Festival of Frugality The Family CEO The Price Book, Part I The Family CEO is capitalizing on sale prices for items at the grocery store by keeping track of what the items normally cost in a price book.
Festival of Frugality Frugal Upstate Just Hit It Anyone with young kids nearing their next birthday can appreciate Jenn's post on how to make a piñata from scratch!

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About the Picture

A special hat tip goes out to Rex Hammock who included the image of Steve Martin on a carnival midway from Martin's 1979 opus "The Jerk" in this week's Carnival of Entrepreneurship. Rex explains why the image is relevant, aside from being on a carnival midway:

As those who work with me know, one of my favorite business-lesson movie moments takes place in a scene set on a carnival midway in the Steve Martin movie, The Jerk (sorry for my movie tastes). In this scene, Martin's character, Navin R. Johnson, is taught the secret key to all entrepreneurial success: sell something for more than you pay for it. "Ahhhh!" says Johnson, when he discovers this secret from his mentor, "It's a profit deal!"


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