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23 June 2006

Carnival Midway from The Jerk This week's edition of On the Moneyed Midways rounds up the best posts from each of the blog carnivals dedicated to money and business-related matters, with one post declared to be The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM)

This week's edition features a new Carnival, the recently launched Carnival of Future Millionaires (welcome aboard!) and also marks what we're declaring to be the final demise of the Festival of Job Hunting, which appears to be dead again (not to be confused with the excellent movie starring Kenneth Branaugh, Emma Thompson and Derek Jacobi!). As far as we're concerned, it's staying dead....

And now, some bad news, then some really bad news. The bad news is that the Carnival of Debt Reduction, hosted this week by Finandom, is not available as their server has been down while we have been compiling this week's edition of OMM and even now as we are posting, so there will be no contribution from the Debt Reducers for this week's carnival.

The really bad news is that the often excellent Carnival of Entrepreneurship doesn't appear to have a host this week, or any scheduled for future weeks. We hope this is just a temporary situation, as the entrepreneur's carnival often provided The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! for OMM. We hope they don't repeat the Festival of Job Hunting's zombie-like performance....

On the Moneyed Midways: June 9, 2006
Carnival Contributor Post Comment
Carnival of Business Dumb Advertising! Future Tech Web Daniel Scocco wonders why marketers are still using the same marketing techniques of 30 years ago and points to Google as a company that recognizes the need for more intelligent, interactive and converged advertising techniques.
Carnival of Business Business Review: Regal Cinemas Mine That Data Why do snacks cost so much at the omniplex? Kevin Hillstrom mines data from Regal Cinemas' financial reports to show where theater chains make their money.
Carnival of the Capitalists Time for Innovation Slow Leadership Carmine Coyote delivers The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! with his contribution showing howbot little work pressure and overwhelming work pressure result in little employee creativity.
Carnival of Career Intensity Being a Successful Business Owner BOB - Business Opportunities Blog Marcus Markou weighs in on the issue of how small businesses fail simply because the business owner doesn't know how to build a company that works without them.
Carnival of Future Millionaires Why Boring Stocks Can Be Oh So Sexy Debt Free Steve Faber finds that the stocks of companies that aren't part of the latest investing fad, but have high dividend yields make a lot of sense (cents?!)
Carnival of Investing Bring on the Bear! Guzzo the Contrarian Bear markets have always been good to Guzzo, who parked his stock market money back in May and is now raking in nice yields from money markets and CDs while waiting for stock prices to reach their bottoms.
Carnival of Marketing Storytelling Spare Change Nedra Kline Weinreich shows how the best marketing tells a story and makes a connection with the audience.
Carnival of Personal Finance Cut Costs (and Buy a Plasma TV) fivecentnickel.com nickel caught an episode of the Today show, in which they suggested taking your lunch to work everyday instead of eating out and also suggested using the savings to buy a plasma TV.
Cavalcade of Risk Why Women Earn Less Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Warehouse Wenchypoo sheds light on why women earn less and finds that it's not because of discrimination, but rather a matter of information and tactics.
Festival of Frugality Starbucks Alternative It's Just Money lamoneyguy has a DIY solution to the high price of coffee products from the world's largest coffee chain, and points to recipes you can use to make your favorites at home!
Personal Development Carnival Increase My Productivity! Milo Riano Milo Riano shares his goals for blogging and develops a strategy for increasing his productivity.

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