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20 May 2005

Update (11 January 2005): What could be better than looking at 2002 GDP data for Europe? How about looking at 2004 data for the entire European Union!

We are coming something of a full circle today, since I began looking at GDP in various regions of the world after a noting a report comparing the GDP per capita of the nations of Western Europe and individual states in the U.S. Today's dynamic GDP table presents data for the whole of Europe - you may rank the data by clicking upon the column heads. If you're interested in comparing this data against individual states in the U.S., you may do so by looking at this dynamic table, which allow you to sort individual U.S. states according to their 2002 Gross State Product (GSP), the state equivalent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The GDP data in the table below has been adjusted for each country's Purchasing Power Parity, which takes into account how much an individual can buy within a country along with the currency exchange rate between the individual country's currency and the U.S. dollar. This allows for a more direct comparison between countries with different rates of exchange in their currencies, as well as what their currencies are capable of buying within their own countries.

2002 European GDP and Population Data
Country GDP-PPP ($USD Billions) 2003 Estimated Population GDP-PPP per Capita ($USD)
Albania 14 3582205 3908
Andorra 1.3 69150 18800
Armenia 12.6 3326448 3788
Austria 226 8188207 27601
Belarus 85 10322151 8235
Belgium 297.6 10289088 28924
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7.3 3989018 1830
Bulgaria 50.6 7537929 6713
Cyprus 10.2 771657 13201
Czech Republic 155.9 10249216 15211
Denmark 155.5 5384384 28880
Estonia 15.2 1408556 10791
Finland 136.2 5190785 26239
France 1540 60180529 25590
Georgia 15 4934413 3040
Germany 2184 82398326 26505
Greece 201.1 10665989 18854
Hungary 137.7 10045407 13708
Iceland 7 280798 24929
Ireland 118.5 3924140 30198
Italy 1438 57998353 24794
Latvia 20 2348784 8515
Liechtenstein 0.8 33145 24891
Lithuania 29.2 3592561 8128
Luxembourg 20 454157 44038
Macedonia 10 2063122 4847
Malta 7 400420 17482
Moldova 11 4439502 2478
Monaco 0.9 32130 27077
Netherlands 464 16150511 28730
Norway 143 4546123 31455
Poland 368.1 38622660 9531
Portugal 182 10102022 18016
Romania 166 22271839 7453
Russia 1350 144526278 9341
Serbia and Montenegro 25.3 10655774 2374
Slovakia 66 5430033 12155
Slovenia 36 1935677 18598
Spain 828 40217413 20588
Sweden 227.4 8878085 25614
Switzerland 231 7318638 31563
Turkey 468 68109469 6871
Ukraine 218 48055439 4536
United Kingdom 1520 60094648 25293
Europe (All) 13200.0 801015179 16480

Sources and Acknowledgements:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Data: The World Factbook, 2003 via Bartelby.
July, 2003 Population Estimate: The World Factbook, 2003 GDP Data via Bartelby.
Table Sorting Function: The Daily Kryogenix


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