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07 April 2006

It's not often that we get ahead of the blogging curve here at Political Calculations, but it's really nice when we do! Earlier this week, Rob May (aka BusinessPundit) was commenting on the site statistics of the latest Carnival of the Capitalists that he hosted at Jotzel, writing (emphasis mine):

Also note that traffic numbers are about 1/5 what they used to be, in large part because of the proliferation of carnivals and because Instapundit, the only big-time blogger to consistently link to carnivals, decided to put a box on the side of his site instead of direct links in his blogflow. Damn those low barriers to entry in the blog carnival business. Maybe it's time for a carnival of business blog carnivals, that takes the best posts from each business blog carnival and posts them in one place.

So, welcome to Political Calculations' ongoing weekly roundup of the best posts from the blog carnivals dedicated to business, economics, entrepreneurship, investing, personal finance and frugal living! Each Friday, we present what we find to be the best posts from each carnival, and we also award one post each week with the title of being "The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere"(TM)!

But, enough chatter – the best posts of the week await….

The Best Money Posts of the Week – April 7, 2006
Carnival Contributor Post Comment
Carnival of the Capitalists Six Sigma How DMAIC Improve Processes An entry-level introduction to Six Sigma methods and tools for quality improvement. The post also provides an example of the kind and magnitude of improvement that these techniques might bring to your business' operations.
Carnival of the Capitalists Buyout Blog How to Translate Financial Reports into Action Items Tom O'Neill shows how drilling down into the processes of how a business operates can lead the way to better bottom line results.
Carnival of Investing Ask Uncle Bill The Sage of Omaha and the Wayback Machine Uncle Bill revisits Warren Buffett's investment wisdom from 25 years ago when he correctly anticipated what it would take to turn around the financial markets following Jimmy Carter's malaise.
Carnival of Personal Finance The Debt Hater Climbing Out of Your Grandaddy's Ditch The Debt Hater takes a wide-ranging look at the difference in net worth between blacks and whites, as well as the causes of generational poverty, and proposes generational bootstrapping as the way to close the gap. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere(TM)!
Carnival of Personal Finance Entrepreneur's Journey What Is the 80-20 Rule and Why It Will Change Your Life Yaro Starak's contribution almost earned the top honor this week for being the Best Post of the Week, Anywhere, but was barely edged out by the Debt Hater. Yaro demonstrates how to apply Pareto's 80-20 Rule to practical, everyday life.
Carnival of Debt Reduction MightyBargainHunter Which debt to reduce first? The MightyBargainHunter offers advice to a recently married couple with two mortgages on which they should pay off first, the logic of which applies to two loans of any type!
Festival of Frugality Money and Values Cable TV for -$7 Penny Nickel was only looking to reduce the monthly Internet bill by bundling the service with the cable provider's bare-bones cable TV offering. Imagine the surprise then when the TV was turned on to reveal that they had the expanded basic cable package - at the same price!
Festival of Frugality Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Low Cost Weekend Ideas: Visit Local Wineries Jim launches a new series on low cost ways to enjoy the weekend. First stop: local wineries!
Carnival of Entrepreneurship Marketing and Entrepreneurship Workouts, pain, growth and entrepreneurship Michael Cage takes a key lesson learned in improving physical fitness performance and applies it to business.

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