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26 May 2006
Carnival Midway from The Jerk

We begin this week's edition of Political Calculations' weekly wrapup of all the major business, capitalist, debt-reducing, investing, marketing, personal finance and frugal-living blog carnivals, On the Moneyed Midways with a rant on how *not* to present the posts submitted in a blog carnival.

We can summarize our position in one word: Haiku. While we greatly appreciate the creativity needed to master this exquisite form of Japanese poetry, it should not, ever, be used to describe the posts that have been contributed for a blog carnival. Not ever. Never. Ever. And in case we haven't made our point clear, you may discover the many reasons why for yourself by scrolling down and visiting the Carnival of Debt Reduction for this week....

And since you're scrolling down anyway, be sure to read each of the best posts we've found in all the money-related blog carnivals for the week ending on May 26, 2006, including a hands-down winner forThe Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM)

On the Moneyed Midways: May 26, 2006
Carnival Contributor Post Comment
Carnival of Business Do You Dare to Dream the Impossible Dream? Aridni "Can you create solutions when there are seemingly impossible problems?" Aridni's Todd reveals how creativity can solve problems that at first glance, seem unsolvable!
Carnival of the Capitalists Stagflation Econbrowser James Hamilton examines the challenges before the Fed in setting interest rates, as inflation and economic performance data are moving in not good directions.
Carnival of the Capitalists Multi-Channel Myth MineThatData Kevin Hillstrom finds the direct marketing industry to be in the middle of a 'strategic' collapse - where significant in-fighting is happening over choosing the tools and techniques that will lead the industry in the future.
Carnival of Debt Reduction Why Buy Now, Pay Later Deals Are Bad Get Rich Project The best laid plans for paying off debt can go off track when emergencies arise. The author of the Get Rich Project shows that taking on debt can be a gamble.
Carnival of Entrepreneurship Innovation 101 Seeds of Growth Dave Free shows off the process of innovation in a home drywalling project he took on with his son. The engineer, economist and entrepreneur in me all agree that this is, hands down, The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Investing Beat the Market Consistently The Dividend Blog Investing in stocks that pay dividends is key to getting more-than-market performance (where market performance is defined simply as price appreciation).
Carnival of Marketing A Great Example of Direct Response Marketing in Action JimLogan Jim Logan points out what works for direct mail solicitation with an example he received from a local auto repair company.
Carnival of Personal Finance This Personal Finance Tip Saved Me $29,871.63 In Cash Flow We Trust Steve Mertz kept his Social Security annual statements, and was able to use them to claim $29,871.63 from his old employer's defined benefit pension plan.
Festival of Frugality Frugal Vacations Money and Values Penny Nickel offers 7 tips for traveling on the cheap!
Festival of Job Hunting Job Interview: 3 Questions for Your Prospective Boss Jack Yoest Jack Yoest suggests three key questions that you might use to either qualify or disqualify your current or potential future employer.

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