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12 January 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the January 11, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only weekly review of the best business, management and money-related posts from each of the week's major blog carnivals! Each week, we select the best posts from each of the blog carnivals we read, and we also select one post as being The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM) As an added bonus, we also emphasize almost-the-best post of the week that was with status of being Absolutely essential reading!(TM)

This week features some new additions, as we welcome the Carnival of Customer Service and the Carnival of Money Stories to our selections. This does bring up a good question - how do we find the blog carnivals that we select posts from each week? Well, the answer is we use Blog Carnival's listing of each carnival's latest editions to find them. We hope this also explains why some carnivals are included and others are not, as Blog Carnival can be really hit or miss in listing the latest editions of each carnival.

But are the new blog carnivals and how we find them are the big news this week? Oh, no! What is the big news? An actual human may have actually stepped into Bryan C. Fleming's universe of automated blog carnivals this week! It might actually even be "Bryan C. Fleming!" We hope this is a trend - there's nothing like seeing the hand of a human weed through the crap and spam that can clutter a perfectly blog good carnival. Then again, what if this turns out to be like those Bigfoot sightings, and he's never seen again?...

For all the links you need to learn more about "Bryan C. Fleming" and his universe of fully-automated blog carnivals, see our December 22, 2006 issue. As for us, this will be the last time we mention it for a while. From what we know, it's not a good idea to disturb and taunt Bigfoot, and we don't want to tempt fate. And now, on to the rest of the week that was....

On the Moneyed Midways for January 12, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Career Intensity The Three Kinds of Self-Discipline Lunatic Wisdom Jake Danger says you can force yourself to do what you don't like for no good reason, make yourself do something you don't like for a good reason, or do something you like and find meaningful.
Carnival of Customer Service The 10 Best (and 10 Worst) Companies for Call Center Service CRM Lowdown If you care about the customer experience, then you need to find out who does it right and who doesn't!
Carnival of Entrepreneurs Tell Me Something I Don't Know Diary of a Startup How do you listen to the customer when they don't know what they want? Andrew MacGill takes on the question in The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Fraud The Battle with PayPal My Opinion on Everything Corey describes a monumentally bad experience with the online payment giant after being exploited by an unscrupulous fraudster.
Carnival of Home Business Top 5 Food Business Trends for 2007 Barbara Sundquist highlights an Entrepreneur magazine article that suggests that 2007 will be the year of chocolate, organics, healthy food, wine and decadent desserts. Is anybody else hungry, or is it just us?
Carnival of Money Stories IKEA, Deep Impressions and Ice Cubes Kirby on Finance Kirby recounts how the Swedish furniture giant's furniture, the deep imprints they made in his carpet, and frozen water came together to save money.
Carnival of Personal Growth* How to Predict the Future My Gratitude Journal Robert Hunt combines the thoughts of great thinkers, inventors, writers and erstwhile billionaires into a means of forecasting the world to come.
Carnival of Project Management Subcontractors: Pros and Cons Software Project Management Pawel Brodzinski reveals the dark side for project managers in outsourcing key tasks to subcontractors.
Carnival of Real Estate When Sellers Exit the Driver Seat True Gotham Douglas Heddings lays out how sellers convinced it's not a buyer's market in real estate are hurting themselves with unrealistic expectations. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Taxes A Proposed Congressional New Year's Tax Resolution Mauled Again Congress is looking at doing something about the Alternative Minimum Tax this year. James Maule argues that if they really want to do good, they ought to start by fixing the regular tax code.
Carnival of the Capitalists Reminding the Mint of Gresham's Law Cap'n Arbyte's Blog The U.S. Mint has issued new rules that make melting coins for their metal prohibited by law. Kyle Markey finds another law that says the Mint's rules are doomed to fail.
Carnival of the Capitalists Bad Bosses on the Rise! The New Business World It's not your imagination - bosses are getting worse! A survey from Florida State University has the numbers.
Carnival of the Capitalists Soaring CEO Pay Shows "Market Failure" SOX First Leon Gettler reviews a new report that rejects the premise that CEOs get paid more because they take on higher risk. Absolutely essential reading!
Economics and Social Policy Why I Keep Quiet About My Salary Getting Green Matthew Paulson makes a compelling case for maintaining the secrecy of your salary from your co-workers and friends.
Festival of Investing* Sharper Image: Nerd CEOs Destroy Shareholder Value Long or Short Capital Johnny Debacle makes a strong case for nerd-CEO-free investing! How long before we have an Exchange Traded Fund for this sector?
Personal Development Carnival What Is the Best Predictor of Successful Leadership? Reasoned Audacity Jack Yoest passes on lessons learned from a Vietnam vet and top business leader that past success in sports is a key predictor of future ability to lead. Absolutely essential reading!
Real Estate Investing Rent or Buy? Not an Easy Comparison A Little Eclectic Place on the Web Roi Erez discusses the things that you should consider when considering where you should live!
Wealth Building Ideas* Yahoo! Google Swallows YouTube: A Commentary The Digerati Life The Silicon Valley Blogger looks at the high-tech coupling between Google and YouTube and examines the marriage of technical and business know-how that leads to making multi-millions out of nothing

* A "Bryan C. Fleming" production. For more about the Bryan C. Fleming universe of blog carnivals, see this excellent post by the Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life (or our commentary from the December 15, 2006 edition of On the Moneyed Midways.

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