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15 June 2011

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the 133rd edition of the Cavalcade of Risk! The Cavalcade of Risk focuses on how people and businesses deal with the element of uncertainty in their lives, gathering the perspectives of some of the most insightful experts blogging today, all for your entertainment and enrichment!

For this edition, we're breaking away from using the Cavalcade of Risk post rating system we've used on several occasions to rank, or some would say, to harshly judge, the quality of the posts contributed to this edition of the Cavalcade.

So that's one less risk that the contributors to this week's Cavalcade of Risk have to worry about! As for what dangers they are worrying about, just scroll down....

Cavalcade of Risk #133: 14 June 2011
Blog Post Comments
Political Calculations The Hidden Cost of the U.S. National Debt A lot of people are concerned about the U.S. national debt being too high, but we're probably the first to work out just how much the small but real and now increased risk of a potential default by the U.S. as a result of adding too much debt too quickly in recent years is costing the U.S. economy. (And don't think the U.S. won't ever default - it has before!)
PT Money Why Your Apartment or Condo Needs Renter's Insurance Austin, who is currently teaching English in Japan, has a good friend in Alabama whose friends lost everything when tornadoes devastated Tuscaloosa. Austin counsels that it's not worth the savings for going without renter's insurance, regardless if it's ever needed.
InsureBlog Stoli (with a) Twist Hank Stern follows the latest twists and turns of the Life Parters scandal, which have now ensnared an 82 year old former Chrysler plant supervisor who managed to obtain a $50 million life insurance policy after inflating his net worth.
Simple Debt-Free Finance Notice of Mortgage Protection Insurance, a Scam Joe Morgan had never heard of mortgage protection insurance until receiving a nondescript brown envelope in the mail that was stamped "Requested materials inside". Not having actually requested the materials inside was Joe's first clue that what was in the envelope wasn't for him....
Healthcare Economist How to Stop Health Premium Increases? A California lawmaker has introduced a bill to make it illegal for insurance companies to increase their premiums without the prior approval of the state's Commisioner of Insurance or the director of the state's Department of Managed Health Care. Jason Shafrin observes that while the measure will control costs, those savings will come at the expense of the quality of health care - especially if the state acts to force insurers to cut their premiums.
Christian PF Passive Investing: A No-Brainer Jon shares his strong feelings in favor of passive investing in stock market index funds over professionally managed funds, citing the statistic that 85% of all actively managed funds fail to keep up with the benchmark stock market indices over time.
Terms + Conditions Thunderstorms and Lightning Seventy-seven Air Force ROTC cadets were nearly struck by lightning on 8 June 2011. Claire Wilkinson looks at the statistics for this underrated potential killer and features an Insurance Information Institute video on how to minimize your personal risk from being struck down from the sky.
My Personal Finance Journey Are You Worried About Online Security? Jacob features an article written by MoneySuperMarket.com's "editors", then tacks on his thoughts afterward, offering his real-life tips for detecting fraudulent e-mails and avoiding fraudulent sites.
Risk Management for the 21st Century Occupational Injury Disputes Put Doctors in a No-Win Position The "no-win" position Nancy Germond is referring to is the position of doctors between their patients and their insurance carriers. However, the article is really about the risk to employers of their workers receiving ineffective treatment for their workplace injuries.
Colorado Health Insurance Insider Governor Hickenlooper Vetoes Bill to Charge Premiums for CHP+ Governor Hickenlooper, a man who should run for President just based on his name alone, vetoed Colorado Senate Bill 213 which would increase the funding for the state's CHP+ health insurance program by increasing the premiums that eligible families with higher incomes would pay because it would result in children losing their health care coverage because of those higher costs to the program's beneficiaries. Louise Norris considers the consequences of the bill's failure to become law.
Disease Management Care Blog Will the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Cause Employers to Drop Insurance? Why the McKinsey Report Is Credible Dr. Jaan Sidorov summarizes the findings of the McKinsey Quarterly Report's analysis of the impact of the health care reform law perhaps best known by the public as "Obamacare" and discusses why it's likely that a large percentage of employers will act to reduce or drop their company's insurance coverage for their employees.
Worker's Comp Insider 5 Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens and Resources for Keeping Young Workers Safe Julie Ferguson reveals the five most dangerous jobs for teens as determined by the National Consumers League. Interestingly, we note that the NCL's list isn't backed by any teen-specific data for 2010 or 2011 - it's simply a list of dangerous occupations for people under the age of 24, which indicates just how much the NCL really cares about teens, many of whom are excluded by law or by employer-paid insurance premiums from being able to perform many of the listed occupations. By contrast, Julie put together a useful and extensive of resources for employers who might consider hiring teens, which makes her blog post almost infinitely more informative than the NCL's "report".
Crasstalk Don't End Up Under (Actual) Water in Your New Home What's an elevation certificate and how can it save you hundreds of dollars on flood insurance if your home is at risk of being, literally, underwater? NotSoDeepSouth describes what it takes to get one and what you want to see on it to be able to be financially protected from the risk of flood as affordably as possible!

That's all for this 133rd edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. The 134th edition will hosted by Julie Ferguson of the Workers Comp Insider blog!

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