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June 24, 2005

Did you ever get the original theme to Gilligan's Island stuck in your head? Do you know the one I mean? The one with the lyrics from the television show's early years when The Professor and Maryann were collectively referred to in the show's musical roll call as "and the rest?" Well, in creating today's dynamic table for ranking the nations and territories for which the 2003 World Factbook provides GDP and population data, Political Calculations(TM) has rounded up all the data that hasn't already been covered in the series. In doing so, I couldn't help notice that much of this data covers the world's island nations, territories and regions. As a result, the "The Ballad of Gilligan's Island" is now firmly stuck in Political Calculations' mental subconscious - and when that happens, the only way it gets unstuck is to make others think of the song. Cheers!

Now, about today's dynamic GDP table. Once again, 2002 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data is presented that has been adjusted for each reported region's Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and their estimated population as of July 2003. This provides each region's related GDP per Capita (which is also adjusted for PPP.) You may rank the nations in the table below according to the different categories by selecting the individual column heads:

2002 Miscellaneous GDP and Population Data
Country GDP-PPP ($USD Millions) Estimated Population (July, 2003) GDP-PPP per Capita ($USD)
American Samoa 500 70260 7116
Anguilla 104 12738 8165
Aruba 1940 70844 27384
Bermuda 2250 64482 34893
British Virgin Islands 320 21730 14726
Cayman Islands 1270 41934 30286
Cook Islands 105 21008 4998
East Timor 440 977853 450
Falkland Islands 75 2967 25278
Faroe Islands 1000 46345 21577
Fiji 4700 868531 5411
French Polynesia 1300 262125 4959
Greenland 1100 56385 19509
Guam 3200 163941 19519
Guernsey 1300 64818 20056
Jersey 2200 90156 24402
Kiribati 79 98549 802
Man, Isle of 1600 74261 21546
Marshall Islands 115 56429 2038
Netherlands Antilles 2400 216226 11099
Niue 7.6 2145 3543
Northern Mariana Islands 900 80006 11249
Palau 174 19717 8825
Puerto Rico 45700 3885877 11761
Saint Helena 18 7367 2443
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 74 6976 10608
Samoa 1000 178173 5613
San Marino 940 28119 33429
Sao Tome and Principe 200 175883 1137
Solomon Islands 800 509190 1571
Tokelau 1.5 1418 1058
Turks and Caicos Islands 231 19350 11938
Tuvalu 12.2 11305 1079
Vanuatu 563 199414 2823
Virgin Islands 2400 124778 19234
Wallis and Futuna 30 15734 1907
All the Rest 77749 8284909 9384

Sources and Acknowledgements:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Data: The World Factbook, 2003 via Bartleby.
July, 2003 Population Estimate: The World Factbook, 2003 GDP Data via Bartleby.
Table Sorting Function: The Daily Kryogenix.

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