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19 December 2005

Welcome to the 27th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! This week's edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is presented using dynamic tables. You may click upon any of the column headings below to sort this week's contributions according to blog name, post title, category and description. If you're using a modern web browser, the table will automatically rearrange itself according to the heading you selected! Clicking the column heading again will rearrange the table in reverse order.

Carnival of Personal Finance #27
Blog Post Category Description
Free Money Finance Money Christmas Present Suggestions Xmas Shopping FMF has great ideas for different ways of giving money for Christmas for the last minute shopper!
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Buying Auto Parts Yourself Saves On Repairs Better Deals Find out how Jim saved $200 by buying auto parts himself instead of relying on the mechanic. A good follow-up post to last week's Carnival contribution from 2million.
Don't Mess With Taxes Family Tax Advice Tax Planning Reassessing your portfolio before the end of the year could be a smart investing and tax move.
InsureBlog Good (Insurance) News for Cancer Survivors Better Deals Recent changes in the insurance industry are giving many cancer survivors a better chance of getting coverage.
All Things Financial An Interview with Lee Eisenberg - Part 1 Living JLP interviews Lee Eisenberg about his upcoming book “The Number”.
Political Calculations Hugh Chou's Tools Living You might have visited Political Calculations to use the tools developed here over the past year, but you should also know about the useful applications created by Hugh Chou - one of the real pioneers of bringing tools for solving personal finance problems to the Internet.
Savvy Saver A Tale of Four Cell Phones Better Deals Is buying insurance for cell phones a good idea? The very funny story of what happens to cell phones in Mr. Savvy's possession reveals there may be a better option!
Notes - A Personal Journal The Myth of a 401(k) Retirement Retirement Saving Brian Leon argues that the members of Generation X are unlikely to set aside the money they need to retire comfortably in their 401(k) retirement plans.
The Common Room Greasing the Rungs on the Ladder of Life Living For young couples just starting out, taking on too much debt is a recipe for disaster. The Deputy Headmistress provides some real-life guidelines to recognize where danger lurks.
MightyBargainHunter 50 Ways to Leave You Richer - Part V Living The fifth installment of the MightyBargainHunter's series on Liz Pulliam Weston's article for 50 Ways to Trim your Budget addresses insurance, tax, and medical costs.
SearchLight Crusade Regulators Toughen Negative Amortization Loans? Mortgages Dan Melson finds many gross errors in an article in his local newspaper on negative amortization loans and sets the record straight on how these loans really work.
Personal Finance Advice Let Your Children Teach You to Save Money! Living Jeffrey Strain passes along a great story of how a friend taught his teenage son to save through economic incentives.
Cap'n Arbyte's Encrypt It, Stupid! Security Personal information stored on computer tape has again become lost during shipping, exposing many people to possible identity theft. There's an easy solution to this problem - encryption - but what will it take to make companies start safeguarding their customer's data?
Pacesetter Mortgage Is Your Mortgage ARMed and Dangerous? Mortgages David Porter provides advice on ARM mortgage loans in the current interest rate environment, arguing that for many people, now is the time to get out of their ARM mortgages.
Sitting Pretty Spending Power Xmas Shopping Nina Smith writes about the power of not spending this holiday season.
Early Riser I'm Sitting on a Pile of Cash Investing The Early Riser has a problem that we'd all like to have, having just exercised some employee stock options! Early Riser explores potential investments for his money and is open to suggestions.
Million Dollar Goal What Is the Efficient Market Hypothesis? Investing Clint explains the Efficient Market Hypothesis and how it affects your stock market investments.
The Happy Capitalist Money Can Buy Happiness but... Living The Happy Capitalist examimes some recent university research about whether money really can buy happiness.
Retire at 30 Let's Get Real Prices Are things really more expensive than they were in our parents' day? The Retire at 30 blog discusses the concept of real (inflation-adjusted) prices versus nominal prices.
Roth & Co. PC Tax Update Should You Prepay State and Local Taxes Tax Planning Joe Kristan notes that paying state and local non-business taxes early is a time-honored tax planning tool. Sometimes, though, it's best to leave a tool in the box.
Boston Gal's Open Wallet Are Things Really Getting this Bad? Living Jane Dough wonders if things are really this bad for the middle-class, where a recent report indicates that many are taking on second jobs to make ends meet.... Are all those BMW's in the mall parking lot employee cars or customers?
Okdork.com Holiday Gift-Giving Reversed Xmas Shopping Okdork finds an interesting way to handle holiday gift giving to get what you really want.
The Real Returns 5 Screening Criteria for Mutual Funds Investing The Real Returns lays out five selection criteria that should be set before screening the choices of mutual funds in which to invest.
MyMoneyBlog What Does It Take To Work At Ameriprise Financial? Investing Jonathan is going to try a free financial planning consultation with Ameriprise Financial Advisors. But how qualified are these people to tell anyone how to handle their money? Or are they really salespeople?
Financial Revolution The Power of a DRIP Investing Dividend reinvestment plans provide a powerful way to increase a small investor's stake in an individual company's stock while also providing a good way to save on brokerage fees.
Consumerism Commentary No Need to Panic About Flex Spending Accounts Living Even though the year is coming to a close, many companies are allowing employees extra time in 2006 to apply for reimbursements for 2005 expenses.

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