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23 January 2007

Waking up. Let's shine the light of truth here and admit that sometimes there really is nothing harder to do than to get up in the morning. Especially this time of year, when it's not just cold outside, it's *freaking* cold outside! What feels better than keeping under the covers until you *have* to get up?

But, if you want to become more productive (and who doesn't?), waking up earlier often makes the top ten list of things you can do to improve your life.

Whether or not you should wake up earlier comes down to a trade-off, as Garth Sundem put in in his book Geek Logik:

You know those five extra minutes can make or break your day, but it's a fine line between having more time to be productive and needing to stash your sleep-deprived self in the copier cabinet for a midafternoon power nap.

Well, once again, Garth Sundem has worked out the math to help you solve this dilemma, and even factors in the darkness level and ambient temperature of your bedroom! Our tool below automates the math as faithfully as possible!

Waking Data
Input Data Values
Hours of Sleep You'll Get Tonight
Hours of Sleep You Need Regularly in Order to Remain Civil with Telemarketers
How Important Is the Extra Five Minutes of Awake Time?
(On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being "in these five minutes I will solve the unified theory of everything!")
How Much Light Is in Your Bedroom When You Wake Up?
(On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being "I live next to Bob's Neon Signs and Spotlight Emporium")
What Is The Temperature of Your Bedroom (oF)?
Of the Last Five Times You Meant to Get Up Early, How Many Times Did You Hit the Snooze Button Until Reaching Your Normal Wake Up Time?
Are You Really Into the Snooze Button Thing?

Your Results
Should You Wake Up 5 Minutes Earlier?
Your Wake Up Call Index Value
(If greater than one, count on waking up earlier!)

It may not be the answer you wanted, but if you're willing to let a web-based tool based on a tongue-in-cheek book make minor life decisions for you, you've gotta follow through!

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