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August 10, 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, August 10, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's weekly review of the best posts from the most recent editions of the best of the world of business and money-related blog carnivals!

This week has a good example of what happens when we have a tie-breaker in selecting which posts we include in the latest edition of On the Moneyed Midways. In our never-ending search and review of business, economics and money-related blog carnivals for the best posts of the past week, we happened across the third edition of the Carnival of African Enterprising.

Here, we had a dilemma in that 2 of the 5 contributed posts ran neck-and-neck with each other for being the top post of the carnival, John Wesonga's post on "Changing the Mindset" of African technological talent away from imitation and toward innovation and Gavin Chait's discussion of how to reconstruct Zimbabwe after being destroyed at the hands of the absolutely corrupt enacting their "anti-globalist, anti-free-market" philosophies.

Both are great posts, but Gavin Chait's post had one small edge over John Wesonga's: timeliness. We sense that the nation is entering something akin to death throes as Robert Mugabe's "progressive" thugocracy is stepping up its political and economic repression in its ongoing bid to stay in power. [Latest news here - we suspect there will be no shortage of headlines from the failing nation anytime soon.]

On a different week, John Wesonga's excellent post might get the nod, but with events as they are, that's not this week.

All the best and most timely posts from the week that was await you below....

On the Moneyed Midways for August 10, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Top 30 Entrepreneurs: My Input on Each Ian Fernando It's actually 5 and not 30 entrepreneurs for whom Ian Fernando offers his input, but each profile of the young and entrepreneurial is very well done. Hopefully, this is the start of a series?
Carnival of African Enterprising Zimbabwe: Recovering the Irrecoverable Scholars and Rogues Gavin Chait finds opportunity in the future through alliances with other southern-African nations once Zimbabwe is freed from its bondage as a failed state.
Carnival of Image and Influence Murdoch Media Mindshare Michael Tangeman finds the absence of PR related to Rupert Murdoch's acquisition of Dow Jones very interesting.
Carnival of Money Stories Why Getting a Home Loan Might Become More Difficult Wealth Building Lessons The Wealth Builder shows how the subprime lending crunch is creating ripple effects across the world economy. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Real Estate Top 10 Reasons Why a House Doesn't Sell and Their Solutions Best Home Selling Tips Has your home been on the market too long? John Wen provides a checklist for you to go through to identify mistakes you might be making in selling your house.
Carnival of Taxes Anatomy of a Bad Tax Policy: The Michigan Business Tax Kirk Walsh Michigan just revised its state business tax - now, the state will levy $3.4 billion in taxes, of which $1.8 billion will go to the state of Michigan. The other $1.6 billion will go to specific politician-favored industries and businesses. Kirk Walsh wonders if that makes sense.
Carnival of the Capitalists How You Get Them To Believe Your Projections Spooky Action Mike DeWitt independently and unwittingly uncovers the secret to the Political Calculations blog's credibility in discussing how to gain approval of a proposed venture from a highly skeptical audience. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Trust Damn, I Am So Busted, Yo. Fake Steve Jobs What happens to an anonymous blogger when the New York Times devotes its extensive news-gathering resources to outing the man behind a highly entertaining curtain? The Fake Steve Jobs shares his reaction in The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Festival of Stocks Despite Volatility, Stocks Are a Good Deal The Authentic Bartender Blog George Courtney sees stocks trading at or near their record highs and makes a good argument that they may be undervalued.
Small Business Issues How Do You Keep Your Contractors from Becoming Employees? The Wealth Spa Business Blueprint Do you use contractors to do work for your business? If you do, and you want to keep from running afoul of the IRS, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein's post on how to keep what happened to Microsoft from happening to you!

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