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16 November 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, November 16, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only weekly recap of the best posts contributed to and collected from the week's best business and money-related blog carnivals!

We're occasionally asked: "How do you select which posts you include each week?" Usually, the posts we select as being the best of their particular blog carnival, Absolutely essential reading! or The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! share some common characteristics. By and large, the main thing we look for each week is great writing. Beyond that, we look for great ideas, seeking new ideas that consider things that we've never considered before or that take old ideas and apply them in new and unique ways, and posts that are timely.

Most importantly, we look for the combination of great writing and great ideas. Since our stock in trade here at Political Calculations is based upon answering questions for which we don't already know the answers, we identify the idea behind a post by looking to find what central question the post's author is really asking. Here is a sampling of the kind of ideas (expressed in the form of questions) from the posts we selected for this week's edition of OMM:

  • If you're the Chicago Bulls, would Kobe Bryant be a good fit for the kind of organization you've sought to build over the past five years?
  • If you're a real estate agent in a market that's expected to be bad for some time yet, what can you do to keep earning a living?
  • Why does your company need ethical guidelines? What are the benefits of having them?
  • How can you save money on the things you stock your bathroom with?
  • Whose perspective should you consider in setting the strategic direction of a business: an experienced CEO or young but highly educated Wall Street investment bankers?

The answers to these questions, and more from the week that was, await you below....

On the Moneyed Midways for November 16, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Risky Business? CollectingMyCash Have you considered using your retirement money to pay off debt? Wealthy_1's husband wants to do it, but what would you do in their situation?
Carnival of HR Would Your Company Trade for Kobe Bryant? The HR Capitalist Kris Dunn considers the potential of the Chicago Bulls bringing Kobe Bryant into the organization they've been building over the last five years from an HR perspective. It's not the way you're used to talking about hoops and that makes it Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Personal Finance How to Play the Impending Water Shortages Everyday Finance Everyday Finance looks to keep ahead of the media in targeting water company ETFs as investment opportunities, like PHO, that are built around water supply infrastructure businesses.
Carnival of Real Estate How to Be a Successful Agent in One of the Worst Real Estate Markets Ever Real/diaBlog Danilo Bogdanovic surveys the state of the real estate market and makes the case for agents to strategically reposition themselves to benefit from rising foreclosures and upon real estate investors in the absence of traditional buyers.
Carnival of the Capitalists The CEO vs. the Bankers: Death by Transactions Trusted Advisor Hands down, The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! and easily one of the best of the year. Charles H. Green on the rise of transactions in place of strategic and ethical thinking and relationships in business.
Carnival of the Capitalists Eight Reasons for Ethics Awareness Programs SOX First Why should a company institute ethics training and guidelines? Leon Gettler provides an invaluable list of eight ways that establishing solid ethics guidelines in a business enhances value.
Festival of Frugality A Bathroom Full of Cash - Top 5 Tips for Saving Philaahzophy What can you do to save big bucks when it comes to your personal grooming? Aahz shows where the savings are for oral health, shaving, water and energy conservation, hair care and deodorant can be found. Absolutely essential reading!
Festival of Stocks How to Make a List of Rules to Invest By The Investor's Journal Adam Freedman declares that every investor needs to create a list of rules they'll follow for their investments and shares his list of do's and don'ts.
Odysseus Medal (Real Estate) HR 3915: Open Letter to Senator Dodd from a Veteran Mortgage Originator Bloodhoundblog Brian Brady pens a letter to Senator Chris Dodd that initially argues against a bill before the Congress that would set new licensing requirements for loan originators, but throws all that out and instead advocates for national licensing requirements that include everyone in the loan origination process.
Small Business Issues Marketing on a Shoe String Budget? Social Media Stretches Those Dollars FunnyBusiness: Everything About Business Except the Bottom Line Dawn Rivers Baker named this the best post of the Small Business Issues carnival, and we find it Absolutely essential reading! Elana Centor tells the story of Michael Paranzino, who got a tremendous bang for his buck by offering a prize for the best YouTube video to support his non-profit organization.
Small Business Issues Preparing Your Business for Impending Disaster Small Business Buzz Michelle Cramer takes on the ultimate in crisis management in business in considering what planning you need to do to ensure you've covered all the bases you can before disaster strikes.

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