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May 8, 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, May 8, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the one place in the entire blogosphere that seeks out and condenses the best of the week's business and money-related blog carnivals into your essential reading for the weekend!

Apparently, blog carnivals never really die. They just go on extended breaks.

We make that observation this week, as we got word that the often excellent Carnival of Money Stories isn't as dead as we were coming to believe it was! Of course, this development comes several months after the Carnival of the Capitalists, the second-oldest of the early social-media phenomenon of blog carnivals, was resuscitated by its founder, Jay Solo.

So why don't these blog carnivals stay dead - especially now that social media is moving beyond its 2.0 version?

We believe the answer comes down to the people who put real time and effort into reading and reviewing the posts they feature, who separate the wheat from the chaff. In Jay Solo's case, he updated the CotC into the Twitter age. And while the CotC doesn't give readers much to work with in deciding what links might be worth clicking through to, his strength as an editor in selecting what posts make the cut makes the CotC well worth reviewing each week.

It's that kind of editorial effort that still gives blog carnivals a place in today's Internet - without it, you're pretty much better off assembling your own carnival using Google's blog search results.

And for a prime example of how we assemble a carnival from the best of all the others, just scroll down....

On the Moneyed Midways for May 8, 2009
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Blogging Away Debt Interview - Tricia Eliminates $37,614 of Credit Card in 3 Years Ask Mr. Credit Card Baker at Man vs Debt called this post "a must read for anyone in debt," describing it as "no ordinary interview." We fully agree - Mr. Credit Card's interview with Tricia of Blogging Away Debt highlights what works and what she could have done better in how she succeeded in climbing out from a deep credit card debt hole is Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Personal Finance Credit Cards Don't Suck, You Suck! Free From Broke FFB offers a contrarian look at why credit cards cause so many problems for so many people, finding that while a lot of people blame credit cards for their problems, they really ought to be pointing fingers at themselves.
Carnival of Real Estate I Quit. You Should Quite Too. Addition by Subtraction. Agent Genius Quitters are winners, in Ken Brand's take on achieving success for real estate agents - the trick is knowing what you need to quit doing!
Carnival of the Capitalists Mom's Supervision Lessons Three Star Leadership What should bosses have learned about the art of bossing from their mothers? Wally Bock digs into his childhood lessons in Absolutely essential reading!
Cavalcade of Risk Medicare and Overfishing EconLog Arnold Kling reveals how the problems of Medicare parallel those of the fishing industry in explaining why expanding the program into a full single-payer system may cause health care in the U.S. to completely break down.
Carnival of Taxes Time To Pay the Tax Piper? Canadian Personal Finance The Big Cajun Man has to pay a five-figure tax bill after being let go from his job. Here, he describes the different ways he can reduce his liability and considers how fortunate he is compared to others facing similar circumstances.
Festival of Frugality Is Budgeting Keeping You Poor? The Dough Roller DR names seven things that if not accounted for in your household budget could kill your personal finances.
Money Hacks Carnival Stealing and Lying in the Name of Frugality - Thirteen Horrible Tips Little People Wealth Among the tips you'll find for saving money on the web these days, you'll also find a bunch that in one way or another involve stealing from others. Heidi describes some of the more seemingly mundane, yet highly dishonest practices promoted in many places in The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!

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