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10 January 2006

Political Calculations has finally brought the Muslim nations of the world together (at least those nations for which Muslims represent a plurality of the population) in the following dynamic table as part of our ongoing 2004 GDP ranking series. In the table below, you may rank the nations from most to least economic output (as measured by each nation's Gross Domestic Product adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity), most to least populous, and finally from richest to poorest (according to GDP-PPP per capita) and vice versa. Just select any of the column headings below to rank the presented data according to the category you select!

2004 GDP-PPP, Population and GDP-PPP per Capita for Muslim Nations
Country GDP-PPP (billions $USD) Population (2004 est.) GDP-PPP per Capita
Afghanistan 21.5 28513677 754
Albania 17.5 3544808 4926
Algeria 212.3 32129324 6608
Azerbaijan 30.0 7868385 3814
Bahrain 13.0 677886 19192
Bangladesh 275.7 141340476 1951
Bosnia and Herzegovina 26.2 4007608 6540
Brunei 6.8 365251 18732
Burkina Faso 15.7 13574820 1159
Chad 15.7 9538544 1642
Comoros 0.4 651901 676
Cote d'Ivoire 24.8 17327724 1430
Djibouti 0.6 466900 1326
Egypt 316.3 76117421 4155
Eritrea 4.2 4447307 934
Ethiopia 54.9 67851281 809
Gambia, The 2.8 1546848 1809
Gaza Strip 0.8 1324991 580
Guinea 19.5 9246462 2109
Indonesia 827.4 238452952 3470
Iran 516.7 69018924 7486
Iraq 54.4 25374691 2144
Jordan 25.5 5611202 4544
Kazakhstan 118.4 15143704 7818
Kuwait 48.0 2257549 21262
Kyrgyzstan 8.5 5081429 1672
Lebanon 18.8 3777218 4985
Libya 37.5 5631585 6655
Maldives 1.3 339330 3684
Mali 11.0 11956788 920
Mauritania 5.5 2998563 1846
Mayotte 0.5 186026 2509
Malaysia 229.3 23522482 9748
Morocco 134.6 32209101 4179
Niger 9.7 11360538 855
Nigeria 125.7 137253133 916
Oman 38.1 2903165 13120
Pakistan 347.3 159196336 2182
Qatar 19.5 840290 23194
Saudi Arabia 310.2 25795938 12025
Senegal 18.4 10852147 1692
Somalia 4.6 8304601 554
Sudan 76.2 39148162 1946
Syria 60.4 18016874 3355
Tajikistan 8.0 7011556 1134
Tunisia 70.9 9974722 7106
Turkey 508.7 68893918 7384
Turkmenistan 27.6 4863169 5675
United Arab Emirates 63.7 2523915 25227
Uzbekistan 47.6 26410416 1802
West Bank 1.8 2311204 779
Yemen 16.3 20024867 811
Muslim Nations (All) 4850.6 1417788109 3421

The Richest and Poorest Nations of the Muslim World

The richest nation among the Muslim nations of the world continues to be the United Arab Emirates, followed by Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain in 2004. This marks a significant jump for Kuwait and Bahrain from 2002, since both had previously ranked behind the nation of Brunei, whose GDP-PPP per capita has not significantly changed.

The poorest nation in the Muslim world is Somalia, followed by the Palestinian territory of the Gaza Strip, both of whose GDP-PPP per capita came in well behind the next lowest average economic output per person recorded by the island nation of Comoros.

The Biggest Change Since 2002

The undisputed economic growth champion of the Muslim regions of the world is the tiny island of Mayotte, which is under the jurisdiction of France. In 2002, Mayotte ranked at the very bottom of the Muslim world's GDP-PPP per capita, with an average economic output per person of $476 USD. In 2004, GDP-PPP per capita in Mayotte has surged to $2509 USD, an annualized growth rate of 129%! While the reasons for the increase of Mayotte's GDP-PPP per capita are unclear, the territory receives extensive financial aid from France and has been seeking to develop and diversify its agricultural economy.

Data Sources:

GDP-PPP Data: 2004 GDP-PPP Data for Individual Nations
Population Data: July 2004 Population Estimates
GSP and GDP per Capita: This data was calculated by simply dividing the published GDP-PPP data by each nation's population estimate for July 2004.

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