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February 23, 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the February 23, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the only weekly review of the best business and money-related posts from each of the week's major blog carnivals! We seek out the best posts from among the hundreds posted to the various blog carnivals posted each week and we select one post as being The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM) As an added bonus, we also cite the near contenders for the best post of the week as being Absolutely essential reading!(TM)

For those wondering about the progress of our carnival experiment, we postponed our initial surge of contribution activity until today, so if you're a regular carnival-goer, you should start seeing what we do beginning as early as next Monday!

That's all the commentary for this week! All that's left is to scroll on down for the best posts we found in the week that was....

On the Moneyed Midways for February 23, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
30s and 40s Personal Finances Assisted Living - Pros and Cons My Wealth Builder The Savvy Saver weighs the advantages and disadvantage of placing ones elderly parents in an assisted living facility.
Carnival of Business Intelligence How to Harness the Intelligence of Customer to Solve Your Problems Emmanuel Oluwatosin: Inspiring Excellence, Realising Ambitions Emmanuel Oluwatosin discusses "crowdsourcing" and the techniques by which you might be able to capture the wisdom of your customers.
Carnival of Career Intensity Quantify to Qualify Static Cure Clint James stumbled upon a technique to distinguish yourself on your resume from the rest of the crowd in the job market. Good advice!
Carnival of Entrepreneurs Top 20 Dumbest Business Ideas that Made Millions… Or Not! The Digerati Life The Silicon Valley Blogger scoured the web for the 10 silliest online business concepts that made those who conceived them millions, along with 10 that were maybe too silly to go anywhere. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Financial Books and Podcasts Quick Cash Fixes: Help! I Can't Pay My Bills The Frugal Duchess Sharon Harvey Rosenberg outlines and comments upon several "quick fixes for cash leaks" from Sally Herigstad's new book.
Carnival of Fraud How to Deal with Friends Involved in Quixtar and Other MLM Schemes Getting Green Matthew Paulson offers suggestions for how to dance around people close to you who have become taken with multi-level marketing schemes.
Carnival of Management Tips A Case Study in Professional Ethics Passion, People and Principles David Maister passes along the story of what happened when a company that could have swept a mistake it made under the rug without anyone being the wiser came clean with its customer instead. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Money Stories No Good Tax Break Goes Unpunished Don't Mess with Taxes For 2006 only, the IRS is allowing taxpayers to get a tax credit for previously paid federal excise taxes on long distance service. Kay Bell reports that claiming the credit is causing a lot of pain.
Carnival of Personal Finance Tightwads and Spendthrifts Are Both Screwy, in Different Ways The Frugal Law Student The Frugal Law Student notes the findings of recent research that suggests that tightwads and spendthrifts have a lot more in common than you might think!
Carnival of Real Estate SPAC Disease Reaches Pandemic Proportions BloodhoundBlog Schitzo Prospectus Actualis Capitalis (SPAC) is the tongue-in-cheek condition where sellers believe their home is worth more than it is. Allen Butler discusses the nationwide phenomenon and its potential treatments.
Carnival of Real Estate Investing Creative Financing - Conversion to Traditional Mortgages Salt Lake Real Estate Blog Nigel Swaby discusses how to transition to a less "creative" form of financing for your properties!
Carnival of Taxes Reduce Taxes by Fighting Your Property Appraisal Trying to Get It Right Dorky Dad walks through the steps you need to take to contest your property appraisal to combat excessive property taxes.
Carnival of the Capitalists Off Topic - Kind of… InsureBlog Bob Vineyard reviews the ramifications of insurance companies having to cope with the unpredictable costs of litigation. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Under 30 Finances 11 Things You Do Not Learn in School Grad Money [Matters] ispf unexpectedly discovered wisdom in a forwarded chain e-mail "that SHOULD be a part of the commencement speech in every high school!"
Carnival on Employer Branding Exxon and Global Warming and Capitalism Reasoned Audacity Jack Yoest notes the reasons why ExxonMobil is one of the most hated companies in the world, at the same time that it's one of the most desirable companies in the world. Absolutely essential reading!
Festival of Stocks Blood and Guts on Your iPod (LGF) One Guy's Investments Travis Johnson considers the future of horror film powerhouse Lionsgate Entertainment after it announced that its library will be made available on iTunes.
Leadership Growth Being Effective with People: Part 1 (Listening) Verve Coaching Erek Ostrowski argues that being effective with people, rather than being an innate skill, is something that can be learned, which begines with developing the ability to listen.
Personal Development Carnival Motivation for College Phil for Humanity Phil B. shares his secret of how to develop the motivation to succeed in college.
Personal Growth Carnival Ingredients of Victory Fish Creek House - INNside Innkeeping Our most eclectic post of the week! G.P. discusses the fear of failure and overcoming it to pursue a dream. As an added bonus, there's a recipe for blueberry pancakes!
Working at Home An Entrepreneur's Life - Headaches, Heartaches and Hooray's Krishna De Krishna De provides some key lessons for entrepreneurs that also apply just about everywhere where one might desire success. Absolutely essential reading!

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