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October 6, 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to this Saturday, October 6, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the web's only collection of the top posts from this past week's best business or money-related blog carnivals!

We're featuring posts from more blog carnivals (14) this week than we've done in a pretty long time. We blame the calendar - this past week saw all the weekly editions of the regular blog carnivals that we cover, plus all the biweekly carnivals and if that weren't enough, all the once-a-month editions as well!

That's a lot of reading, but well worth it - the top notch posts we found this week include a value competition between a McDonalds double cheeseburger and a homemade version, a discussion of how managers might approach an employee who's not fitting in well in their organization, an argument that former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan ain't all he's cracked up to be, questions of whether its even desirable for a company to hire minimum wage workers and research findings on how establishing transparency is to building trust.

And that short list doesn't do justice to the full list of the best posts of the week that was! For that, keep scrolling....

On the Moneyed Midways for October 6, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction How to Put a Price Tag on Your Time Millionaire Mommy Next Door The Millionaire Mommy shows how computing your true hourly wage can help you find out how long you'll need to work to pay for the things you buy.
Carnival of HR Alternatives to Firing Ask a Manager Absolutely essential reading! If you have, or are, an employee who's frustrated with their current assignment, you can avoid a dramatic confrontation and create a win-win situation through honest, supportive communication.
Carnival of Money Stories Is the Value Menu Really a Value? Comparing the Homemade Double Cheeseburger to the McDonalds $1 Version The Simple Dollar It may just be that we're hungry, but we found Trent Hamm's pictorial dissection and analysis of a McDonalds double-cheeseburger to be Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Personal Finance Rent is NOT Waste Money and Such It was one of the host's favorites in the Carnival of Personal Finance, and in our view, the best of the CoPF! Shadox lays out the case that renting a home instead of owning one can be a better investment.
Carnival of Real Estate Spicing Up the Neighborhood Zillow Blog A New Rochelle couple having trouble flipping (and renting) a house they owned found a solution to their financial distress by turning it into a brothel. Diane Tumn notes the house became one of the most viewed on Zillow after police busted the couple!
Carnival of Taxes Top 10 Reasons You Need a Trust My Estate Planning Career According to Eric Hudin, setting up a trust while you're living provides huge benefits after you're dead - including saving money, time, and taxes.
Carnival of the Capitalists Who Is Responsible for Lead in Toys? Money, Matter and More Musings How did Chinese manufacturers come to use lead paint in making children's toys? Golbguru leads through a chain of how's before asking a chain of why's.
Carnival of Trust Greater Transparency Is the Key to Building Greater Trust The Measurement Standard The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! Katie Delahaye Paine reports on new research that demonstrates that increasing your organization's transparency in making information publicly available and on-demand while holding its members accountable for their actions and words is a driving factor in building trust - something that many politicians in Congress could stand to learn.
Economics and Social Policy No, Greenspan doesn't Get to Rehabilitate His Reputation The Agonist Ian Welsh says that while former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan was technically competent, he far too often "chose ideology over economic sense."
Ethics, Values and Personal Finance Wanting Less AskDong Dong provides a wonderfully short post that makes it's point well: the key to a deeper frugality is to actually want less.
Festival of Frugality The Backlash Against Frugality The Simple Dollar Trent Hamm explores several of the reasons why those who practice frugality get such a bad reputation in modern society.
Festival of Stocks Rich Guys Bailing on the Dollar? Wealth Building Lessons The Wealth Builder is fascinated by a report that Abu Dhabi, possible the richest city on Earth in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, is buying gas from Canada. He wonders if it might be a move to discard their hoard of declining U.S. dollars.
Odysseus Medal (Real Estate) Real Estate 2.0 and the Phoenix Real Estate Consumer Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Jonathan Dalton argues that "transparency trumpeting" Real Estate 2.0" companies looking to convert web site visitors into sales leads really aren't looking out for the interests of the real estate consumer, despite what they might claim.
Small Business Issues Can You Afford to Pay Minimum Wage? Business Opportunities and Ideas John Crickett takes the experience of being undercharged for groceries by a cashier and wonders if a minimum wage earning staff might be costing the store more than it's benefiting from them.

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