Unexpectedly Intriguing!
23 January 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the January 23, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, where the cream of the business and money-related blogosphere has been skimmed from the top poured for you essential weekend reading!

We were startled this week to find that the Carnival of the Capitalists is back with a new edition. We had previously all but concluded that carnival host Jay Solo had folded the CotC, but instead it appears he's relaunched it anew - this time, in a more twitter friendly style.

The upside: Jay is a good editor who takes care in selecting the posts he presents. The downside: You won't find much other than the title to indicate whether clicking through is something you might want to do. But then, that creates opportunity for us....

Speaking of which, let's get to business. The best posts of the week that was await!...

On the Moneyed Midways for January 23, 2008
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Family Budget For Frugal Living: Living Cheap Can Be Fun, Too! The Smarter Wallet Jacques Sprenger starts with negotiating what's in your family budget to prioritize your expenses, then whips out fun ideas for how to trim your nonessential costs.
Carnival of HR Help Wanted: Great Leader. No Technical Experience Needed? Great Leadership Dan McCarthy asks whether leadership or technical skills are more important for management positions and finds the answer to the question changes the higher up the ladder you go.
Carnival of Personal Finance That Makes Me Stabby: Do We Have an Obligation to Spend? Sound Money Matters Aryn just about went over the edge when some pundit on CNN suggested that people who aren't suffering in the current recession have a "moral obligation to spend their money to save the economy." Oh, really? The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Taxes Are Prizes and Awards Taxable? ebiz Tax Tips What does winning the grand prize really mean if it's not paid in cash? Kristine McKinley finds that it most likely means a huge tax headache, as you may very well have to sell what you just won to cover your tax bill!
Carnival of the Capitalists Falling Prices Are Not Deflation But the Antidote to Deflation George Reisman What is deflation, really? George Reisman explains why falling prices in a recession are a good thing. Really! (Also a nice companion piece to The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!)
Festival of Frugality 11 Weird Ways to Use Coca-Cola and Save Money Destroy Debt Debbie suggests the carbonated, sugary beverage might the solution to some unexpected problems. Interestingly, two of her suggestions involve bugs….
Money Hacks Carnival Circuit City Could Provide Some Resale Opportunities Mighty Bargain Hunter Could Circuit City's final liquidation sale create opportunity for entrepreneurs willing to take what they've got left and sell it on their own? MBH explores a unique aspect of the idea of creative destruction.

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