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24 April 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, April 24, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, where we catch you up with the best money and business-related blog posts that we found in the past week's best money and business-related blog carnivals.

It seems Climateer believes we here at Political Calculations are "quirky." Here's Climateer's dilemma:

Political Calculations is quirky. On the one hand they link to Prof. Shiller's merged Cowles/S&P data (first rate scholarship/database). On the other they do a "On the Moneyed Midways" linkfest that seems aimed at a totally different target audience.

As it happens, we do have two very different, but somewhat overlapping audiences, which we discovered long before we first launched OMM. There's the (mostly) serious core crowd who enjoy the analytical power we bring to a number of different topics, and then there's the (more fun-loving) community of money and business-focused bloggers with whom we interact in other forums.

The thing we discovered long ago however is that our core readers tend to only check in with us on Monday through Thursday, while the more fun-loving crowd are much more likely to check in with what we do either periodically or over the weekends. From that observation, we conceived On the Moneyed Midways as the bridge between our two primary audiences.

Or it could just be that Ironman is just plain quirky, the kind of person(s?) who might spell words with an extra "u" just for fun. We would refer anyone seeking insight into the nature of Ironman to this post, which presents the only glimpse we've ever offered into the true nature of Ironman.

Then again, we've rambled on long enough. The best posts we found in the week that was are just a mouse click away!

On the Moneyed Midways for April 24, 2009
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Discovering Your Financial Priorities Man vs. Debt What do you *really* care about? And how might that changing affect how you deal with your money? Baker lays out what he's focused on now and what he's not given where he is in life.
Carnival of Personal Finance Mortgage Help - Should You Avoid Payments? Apply4-Credit It seems like lots of the wrong people are getting a lot of benefit out of the bailouts by not making good on their mortgage payments. Apply for Credit says that might have made sense before, but that's not the way to do things today since the lenders have launched new programs to help truly distressed borrowers.
Carnival of Real Estate Oh Honey No. The Amazing Ways Toronto Sellers Tank Sales Living in the Neighbourhood Lauren Mitchell has a bone to pick with home sellers in Toronto who don't seem to get that success in selling their home requires a commitment from them. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of the Capitalists How to Find the Bottom of the Real Estate Market Tallahassee Real Estate We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Joe Manausa analyzes his local real estate market the way we would if we analyzed his local real estate market! Here, he charts where the Tallahassee market is as of early April and identifies what has to change to declare that the market has really hit bottom.
Cavalcade of Risk How Much Life Insurance Do You Need? Cash Money Life Patrick provides a real-life example for figuring out how much term life insurance to get given how much income you might be looking to replace.
Festival of Frugality Top 5 Financial Mistakes The Centisible Life Kelly Whalen categorizes her personal finance mistakes into five groups. Our personal favourite? Making a budget with no room for "stupid mistakes!" The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Money Hacks Carnival Best Small Companies Fair Value Estimates Old School Value Jae Jun screens Forbes' list of the "200 best small companies" to work out which are overpriced and which are worthy of investing.

On a final note before we conclude this week's edition of OMM, we do ask that in the absence of the Leadership Development Carnival, which will not be returning until June as it's shifting to a bi-monthly format, please do check out our sponsor Gary Young's new book Leadership Tips: Why Don't They Just Do Their Jobs at Xlibris.

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