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21 August 2009

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, August 21, 2009 edition of On the Moneyed Midways! Here, you'll find the best posts we found in our weekly search for the best of the past week's business and money-related blog carnivals.

This week, Jake of Debt Sucks hosted this week's Carnival of Debt Management and did a remarkable thing: he cut out all the topically unrelated crap that so many other blog carnival hosts tend to let dominate the editions of the various carnivals they assemble. [Note: We use the word "assemble" instead of "edit" - editing involves some sort of judgment and human intervention.] He writes of his recent blog carnival editing experience in his post Blog Carnivals Suck:

I am officially never hosting a blog carnival, ever again.

I read a really good blog post a while back detailing the ways in which hosting blog carnivals sucks, but can’t find it now. But I’ll share with you my experience.

This carnival I just posted tonight ended up with a grand total of 4 links. Pretty piss poor for a carnival, and I readily – no, happily – admit that. There were over 30 submissions. The vast majority of them had nothing to do with debt reduction, which is the topic at hand for the Carnival of Debt Reduction. DUH! Out of those 30, I narrowed them down to 7 or 8 that were decent and focused on debt reduction in one way or another. Of those, the ones I didn’t include were either commercial in nature, were more than a week old, or had already been included in another carnival. One really good submission I actually did include in my draft, with a nice little write-up, until I saw a trackback from another carnival.

Am I a hard ass? Yes. But the rules and the theme are pretty freakin’ simple, and that’s pretty much the best way I can put it. I don’t include random personal finance entries, because there are other carnivals for that. I don’t include entries that are already in another carnival, because that’s the rule and you’ve gotten enough promotion for that post already, and you’re just being greedy now.

Jake, we feel your pain. We really do. (You'll need to scroll down past the first three search results to see the kind of pain we're talking about.)

But before we move on, we should also highlight Kelly of Almost Frugal's edition of the Carnival of Money Stories, which really shows what can happen when a carnival host actually reads the contributed posts. Clearly, this effective editing thing might just be starting to catch on! We hope!

And now, onto the best posts of the week that was, including The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!...

On the Moneyed Midways for August 21, 2009
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction One Medical Bill Down Sort Of Miss Bankrupt Christina was surprised to get a phone call to tell her that a medical debt she had set up on a payment plan was almost completed.
Carnival of HR Why Your Job Is Like a Hollywood Movie The Human Race Horses What can we learn about how to interview for a job from how Hollywood writers pitch screenplays? Mike Vandervort presents tips from entertainment industry insiders in Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Personal Finance The Informercial Copycat Method of Debt Reduction Realm of Prosperity Simon Zhen pitches a brand new way to put psychology to work on those tough debts staining your personal finances. Here's how to order The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Real Estate Two Things Sellers Need to Understand About Buyers Searchlight Crusade Dan Melson nudges home sellers to better recognize what motivates buyers in determining what kind of home they're willing to buy in today's market.
Festival of Frugality Mmmm, Seafood! Modern Tightwad a.b. (no, not Alton Brown), notes that seafood may not be as expensive a source of protein as many people think.
Carnival of Money Stories Penetrating the Packing Fine Print Tough Money Love Mr. ToughMoneyLove went on a mission to buy a new string trimmer for his yard and describes his experience in paying close attention to packaging to work out if he was really getting the best deal for the money. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Pecuniary Delights A College Debt Nightmare Free Money Finance FMF offers his thoughts on the case of a college graduate in Pittsburgh whose financial planning skills and overall judgment is, shall we politely say, lacking.

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