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07 January 2010

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to Part I of a truly special two-part edition of On the Moneyed Midways! In this edition, we will feature the top blogs we discovered in 2009 while reviewing the best of the blogosphere's business and money-related blog carnivals! In Part II, we will identify the top business or money-related blog posts of 2009, declaring one to be The Best Post of the Year, Anywhere!, while also presenting our full index for the year.

So how do we select the best blogs? We start with those blogs who have contributed posts to the money or business-related blog carnivals that we regularly cover that haven't previously caught our attention. Over the course of the entire year, we begin notice if there are any patterns of quality - namely, we notice which blogs are contributing posts that we might have identified as being among the best of each week, either as being Absolutely essential reading or as The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!.

But even that's not enough to make the cut for this list. We next read through (at least) several months worth of daily postings on the potential candidate blogs, narrowing the list down to those blogs that are consistently above average in the quality of the writing or analysis they provide, regardless of the degree to which they might focus on business and money matters, which is simply how we first encountered them.

In putting this list together, we have the philosophy that "there are as many as there are." We're not looking for the top ten, or twenty, or five. We're looking for the best, no matter how many there are or how few there might be.

Each of which we believe is well worth your consideration. With that said, our list of the best blogs we found in 2009 awaits you below!...

The Best Blogs We Found in 2009
Blog Why We Like It
Bullishness Soo-Young is a former engineer who is currently a grad student studying financial mathematics with an eye for charts. A really good eye for charts. Having launched Bullishness as a summer project, Soo-Young has catapulted blogging into an internship.
Good Financial Cents Certified Financial Planner Jeff Rose exemplifies high quality personal finance blogging. Whether its planning for college, weighing whether a Roth or Traditional IRA might make more sense for you, debt management, or why fast-food burger joint In-N-Out is something to be experienced, your personal knowledge bank account will grow in value by reading Jeff's posts!
Len Penzo dot Com What happens when you combine a lot of common sense, a lot of irreverence and really entertaining writing? You get Len Penzo's blog, that's what you get! Maybe the best description that we can offer is that reading Len is like reading what Dave Barry might be able to achieve if Dave Barry wrote about personal finance.
HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby is an HR professional-turned-consultant who talks about workplace and HR issues. Except you can actually imagine seeking her out for her insights after a long day at your favorite local watering hole! We think more HR departments should install full service bars....
Darwin's Finance Darwin is another engineer-turned finance and management professional who focuses primarily on investing while occasionally detouring into personal finance topics. We were surprised to see just how often we selected one of Darwin's posts as being among the best of any given week, it might be evolution at work, but the combination of good writing and solid analysis doesn't happen by accident!
Science and Money We were very impressed with Helen Maynard's high quality money-blogging from her old blog at Affine Financial Services, so we followed her to her new blog to be sure to add it to our list! She definitely has a knack for being able to take a complicated scenario and make it easy to follow.
Fiscal Geek Paul van Lierop combines geekery with frugality and personal finance. This is really the only blog where you can find directions for making your own homemade air conditioner *and* solid arguments for why you should deprive your kids of the things they want, like nice cars or faddish gear.

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