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09 July 2010

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to our regular Friday, July 9, 2010 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, your one stop shop for your essential weekend business and money-related blogosphere reading needs!

The Leadership Development Carnival makes a surprise reappearance in this week's edition of OMM, as for the first time in ages, it wasn't a canned event!

By that, we mean that this week's host of the LDC didn't simply take a bunch of automatically-generated content from the obsolete Blog Carnival web site and slap it up in a post online and call it done. Well, not entirely anyway - there's still a lot of that kind of thing in this week's edition, but in a stunning development, the host actually added some commentary to a number of the contributions, elevating it above the autopilot mode that we despise in blog carnivals!

What can we say - we've really lowered our standards. Except for our selection of the top posts we find in the best of each week's money or business-related blog carnival! This week's edition starts immediately below....

On the Moneyed Midways for July 9, 2010
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Best of Money What Is Second Chance Checking? Dough Roller If you have a past history of bouncing checks that's so bad you've been banned from having a checking account, the Dough Roller's post pointing to "second chance" checking accounts might be what you need to regain your place in the so-called "formal" economy!
Carnival of Debt Reduction Tricks for Sticking with a Budget The Debtress What can you do to make living on a budget more livable? The Debtress suggests some changes in how you spend your money that can make spending less of it less painful.
Carnival of Money Stories Squirreling Gone Wild #10 - People Serving Spoiled Food to Save Money Squirrelers How far will some people go to avoid having to spend money on food, even when they're hosting a meal for others? The Squirrelers uncover a disturbing dimension to extreme frugality that deliberately goes beyond dumpster diving in Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Personal Finance The Role of Luck in a Financially Secure Retirement Kim Snider Kim Snider explains what "managed-payout" funds are and why the seemingly stable retirement accounts are so sensitive to early gains or losses, or rather, luck, in The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Taxes Gulf Coast Oil Spill Tax Relief Measure Don't Mess with Taxes Kay Bell reports on the actions being considered in Congress to provide tax relief for the people and businesses especially impacted by the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Festival of Frugality Can't No-Poo? Try Alterna-Poo: Aloe Vera Modern Tightwad How far will some people go to avoid having to spend money on food shampoo, even when they're hosting a meal for others washing their own "ridiculously baby fine" hair? The Modern Tightwad considers the "no-poo" method before running with the "alterna-poo" technique in "just spend some money on quality shampoo before you consider immersing your hair in some other kind of 'poo', already" reading!
Leadership Development Carnival What NOT to Learn from Zappos Germane Consulting You can copy a lot of things in business, but Anne Perschel argues you'll never really succeed unless you create something that can't be copied - the essence of your company! With bonus cat vs copier YouTube video.

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