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20 August 2010

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, August 20, 2010 edition of On the Moneyed Midways! OMM is your one-stop shop for finding the best of the past week's money and business-related blogging as we review each of the past week's money and business-related blog carnivals!

But we go beyond just finding the best post of each blog carnival! We also identify one of those posts as being The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!, and we identify the near-contenders for that title as being Absolutely essential reading!

And it all begins below.... Thank you for reading this edition of OMM and have a great weekend!


On the Moneyed Midways for August 19, 2010
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Best of Money 5 Lessons from a Homeless Entrepreneur Christian PF Joe Plemon discusses what we can learn from the story of Travis Lloyd Kevie, who bought a six-pack, broke into a vacant bar, put up an "Open" sign and began serving customers, then kept his "business" going by using the money he made from that first six-pack to buy more. He had earned over $1,300 in cash and merchandise by the time he was arrested just four days later.... The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of Debt Reduction Choosing Between Debt Consolidation Options Reduce Debt Faster Need to repackage your debt? RDF reviews the various options to help you identify which might be the best method for you.
Carnival of HR Jimmy Buffett on Strategic Human Resources Issues The Human Race Horses Mike Vandervoort mines Jimmy Buffett's classic "Fruitcakes" (what else?) for the valuable HR lessons it offers that are encoded within the song's lyrics!
Carnival of Personal Finance Ahhhhh I Did Something So Freakin' Stupid! Budgets Are Sexy As best as we can tell, J. Money doesn't make many money mistakes, but thanks to using the wrong plastic card while standing at a ATM some three different times in one week, he'll be paying a lot more than the value of the money he took out….
Festival of Frugality How to Make Your Mortgage Interest Tax Deductible Investing Thesis If you're Canadian, it turns out that you *can* get a tax deduction for your mortgage interest - provided you can prove you're reinvesting the money and not using it for personal expenses. Dan Tout goes into the details for how to make that work for you.
Carnival of Money Stories Free Money? This Scientific Life grrlscientist should be happy to be getting a refund for a medical bill she paid twice, but instead finds she's very, very angry. So much so that she's given up on ever returning to work or live in the U.S. ever again, all because of a hospital's bungled financial record-keeping that made it onto her credit report. Absolutely essential reading!

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