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November 24, 2006

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2006 weekend edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only weekly review of the best business, management and money-related posts from each of the week's major blog carnivals! Each week, we select not only the best posts from each of the blog carnivals we read, but we also select one post as being The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM)

But wait, that's not all! In addition to The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!, we've also identified posts that you can't miss reading - what we believe to be Absolutely essential reading!(TM) You'll find them all below - just scroll down for the best posts of the week that was....

On the Moneyed Midways for November 24, 2006
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Business The Best Company Structure in Four Easy Steps Reasoned Audacity Jack Yoest has a four step plan for budding entrepreneurs to gain control over their businesses - and it involves setting the boss at the top of the pyramid!
Carnival of Debt Reduction How to Save Money on Credit Cards MattHutter.com Sometimes, getting a break on credit card rates can be as easy as asking for one. Matt Hutter has the scoop!
Carnival of Fraud Top Ten Ways to Prevent Employee Theft sequence inc. Tracy Coenen, the host of the Carnival of Fraud, lists the 10 things you can do to ensure your employees aren't draining the till!
Carnival of Future Millionaires Scam-Proof Yourself to Eliminate Risk Wisdom from Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket Wenchypoo reprints a consumer scam quiz that her bank sent her - how well will you score?
Carnival of Marketing What Would Seth Godin Say? Okdork.com Noah Kagan has a challenge for you to find just three things wrong in the ad in the picture. You'll find the answers in the comments!
Carnival of Personal Finance Micro Lending and the Decline of Poverty Art of Money Muhammad Yunus only lends money to the poorest people in the world who have no collateral, and has a 98% repayment rate. Jon of the Art of Money has the story.
Carnival of Real Estate Craigslist Court Decision Zillow Blog Liam Lavery breaks news and analyzes the impact of the Chicago federal district court dismissing a suit charging that craigslist's housing listings are in violation of the Fair Housing Act. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of the Capitalists New Wealth More Generous Than Old Wealth Entrepreneurial Mind Jeff Cornwall highlights a study that reveals that those who earn their wealth, rather than inherit it, are far more generous with their money in donating to charities.
Cavalcade of Risk Coffee May Reduce Diabetes Risk That's Fit Rigel Gregg has the story that all coffee-drinkers can rejoice in, as the world's caffeinated beverage of choice appears to have a positive effect on the risk of getting diabetes.
Festival of Frugality 5 Tips for Spending Less on Gifts Binary Dollar Are you looking to save money this shopping season? You don't have to give your family members Festivus poles like Binary Dollar plans, but you can follow some of these timely tips!
Festival of Under 30 Finances Goooooooooal! An English Major's Money The English Major doesn't know what her financial goals are, which complicates how she talks with people over 30 about the long term.
Festival of Stocks REIT Delete StockReply George of Fat Pitch Financials, the host of the Festival of Stocks this week, made this contrarian post questioning the valuation of REITs an Editor's Choice, and we're calling it Absolutely essential reading!
Home Business Carnival Why Corporations Fear Network Marketing geniustypes Brian C. Lee explores the nuts and bolts of what network marketing is and why you should consider pursuing it as a means of reaching your potential customers. Absolutely essential reading!
Personal Growth Carnival Why You Lose Your Focus (And What To Do About It) Ririan Project Ririan shows how we lose track of what we want and provides six actions you can take to regain your focus.
Carnival of Future Millionaires Deadbeat Tenants Slide Over One The Landlord Blog Anesia Springborn tells the tale of neighbors who thought renting out their house would be easy, until reality hit.

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