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June 23, 2007

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to this Saturday, June 23, 2007 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the blogosphere's only review of the best posts from the week's best major business and money-related blog carnivals!

Every week, we scan through hundreds of blog posts contributed to dozens of money and business-related blog carnivals, seeking out the very best posts in each carnival. The best post we find wins the title of being The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!(TM) Post that rank very highly are awarded the title of being Absolutely essential reading!(TM)

Except this week, that is! This week we're offering a double issue, as we missed posting an edition for last week. That means that we've picked out two posts as being "The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!.

Sadly though, that doesn't mean that we're offering twice as many posts, as far too many carnival hosts these past two weeks were apparently on summer autopilot. How can we tell? The Blog Carnival-generated boilerplate format that goes as follows:


You get the idea. They might be the best posts in the world, but we'll never know as the carnival host has provided no compelling reason to read them (and probably hasn't themselves!)

Meanwhile, you'll find the most compelling posts we found in the past two weeks that were awaiting you below....

On the Moneyed Midways for June 23, 2007
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction Finding the Joy in Frugality David on Finance How do you change from a childhood and adolescence where money equals gratification to become an adult who can live "without being overshadowed by debt?" David tells his story....
Carnival of Debt Reduction Advice from a Billionaire Stewart Hsu What advice do you think you might get from a billionaire? Stewart Hsu shares his notes of what he found out in a recent encounter.
Carnival of Fraud How Marketing Can Destroy Sales Trust Trusted Advisor Charles H. Green shows how the marketing directive to "sell on message" is widening the trust gap between people and the politicians, public relation departments and pharmaceutical companies held under the marketer's sway.
Carnival of Real Estate Bay Area Price Reductions Heat Map Altos Research Real Estate Insights Michael Simonsen of Altos Research graphically shows how much and where the housing market in and around San Francisco has cooled the most. Very cool!
Carnival of Real Estate The Transparent Broker Comitini.com Peter Comitini tackles the reasons why real estate brokers should blog, in the first Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Carnival of the Capitalists Irrelevant, but Frustrating InsureBlog Hank Stern tells the story of how a GE product perfectly solved a problem he had, and then how GE scotched the goodwill they had created through the company's poor customer service.
Carnival of the Capitalists Why the Poor Are Crazy to Save Money SavingAdvice Did you know the government provides powerful incentives for the poor to NOT save? Jeffrey Strain uncovers the sad truth! Absolutely essential reading!
Cavalcade of Risk WSJ: Consumers Having a Tough Time with HSAs Cato @ Liberty Michael Cannon observes the problems with Health Savings Accounts noted by the WSJ and identifies how they might be repaired.
Cavalcade of Risk Wall Street Jounral Sends Shockwaves Through the Health Insurance Markets with the Headline "Health Savings Plans Start to Falter" Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review Robert Laszewski reviews the WSJ article that found low satisfaction with Health Savings Plans, arguing that "they were a silly idea in the first place."
Festival of Stocks Unintended Consequences of the Ethanol Boom SelfInvestors What could be wrong with having the government increase the subsidies for producing ethanol? Tate Dwinnell discusses how the invisible hand of supply and demand is reacting against the heavy hand of federal handouts to Big Corn in the other Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Festival of Stocks Net/Nets Any Good? And Where Are They All? Vale Tudo Investing Can you get hedge fund returns without owning hedge funds? Bryan Moore reports on a study of a portfolio that using mutual funds that follow hedge fund style investing strategies.
Personal Growth Carnival Success Begins With You The Air "What are you willing to do for success?" "Are you willing to fail for success?" Nik Agarwall leads a post that's Absolutely essential reading with these questions (and more!)
Real Estate Investing Is Flipping Houses Investing Or Speculating? The Dough Roller The Dough Roller defines the difference between what is speculation and what is investing when it comes to the real estate market.
Real Estate Investing This Could Save You Thousands of Dollars When Buying or Selling a House - The C.L.U.E. Report Debt Free If you're buying an existing house, you might want to get a C.L.U.E.! Why? So you can get all the information about any insurance claims made for the property!
Small Business Issues Why You Would Be VERY Wise To Start a Business While you Still Have Your Day Job Starting a Small Home Business Stacey Derbenshire argues that starting a business while you are still working at your day job is a very important part of your retirement strategy.

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