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13 February 2010

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to this special, Febraury 13, 2010 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, your one stop shop for finding the best posts from the previous week's business and money-related blog carnivals!

What makes this issue "special" (or to translate into our meaning of the word: "late")? We made a late editorial decision to bump the post to today so we could feature a public service to every bachelor who might be considering ending their bachelorhood this Valentine's Day weekend.

Otherwise, there's absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about this week's edition of OMM! The best posts we found in the week that was await your attention below!...

On the Moneyed Midways for February 13, 2010
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction What the New Credit Card Act Means to You Studenomics If you're under 21, the new law will make it tougher to get a credit card. But MD notes that the new law "really sucks" if you're an aspiring entrepreneur or if your parents have bad credit.
Carnival of Personal Finance Two Views on the Economics of Dating Four Pillars Mr. Cheap spills the inside story of a male friend who tracks every penny he spends on the women he dates with a goal of getting the number to zero and a female friend who's goal in dating is to get the guy to spend as much as possible on her without giving up much in the way of physical affection. Oddly enough, they don't date each other....
Carnival of Trust America's Most Despised Companies The Corner Office Steve Tobak names the least trusted among America's big businesses and offers advice for what they can do to turn their situations around. Absolutely essential reading!
Cavalcade of Risk Maternity As an Option Rather Than a Mandate Colorado Health Insurance Insider Louise Norris considers a bill making its way through the Colorado state house that would require health insurers to offer at least one policy with maternity coverage - wondering instead why not just make it an ala carte option that could be added to any policy.
Cavalcade of Risk Falling Objects Pose Serious Hazards Risk Management for the 21st Century Nancy Germond's recent search of recent jury verdicts finds danger falling from the sky in the form of cardboard, countertops, wheelbarrows and couches. She lays out what the potential consequences are to businesses and how they might avoid the risks in Absolutely essential reading!
Festival of Frugality How Much Could You Reduce Your Budget If You Get Laid Off? Darwin's Finance Darwin isn't in immediate danger of being laid off, but he goes through his own budget to illustrate what kind of expenses will have to be pared should the worst happen. The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere!
Money Hacks Carnival Donating an Old Car May Not Be Tax Deductible FIRE Finance The folks at FIRE Finance find the IRS' fine print for deducting the fair-market value for a formerly fine form of four-wheeled transportation may make it not worth the fuss.
Best of Money How to Benefit from Chaos in Your Life The Financial Blogger Can chaos send you in a better direction? The Financial Blogger finds it can if accepting it allows you to break out of a box that was constraining you.

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