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08 February 2008

Carnival Midway from The Jerk Welcome to the Friday, February 8, 2008 edition of On the Moneyed Midways, the only weekly review of the best posts from best of the past week's major business and money-related blog carnivals!

Scandal erupted in the world of blog carnivals this week as the original winner of the Odysseus Medal was disqualified for being non-original work that Odysseus Medal editor Greg Swann didn't catch until after posting it as the week's best post from the real estate section of the blogosphere.

As such, the event provides a stark contrast between how a so-called "non-professional" editor on a blog handled such a situation with how a "professional" editor at a well-established, long-running and formerly trustworthy publication dealt with a similar issue.

The lesson to take away from this incident? In the modern world of media, transparency and honesty are mandatory to establish trust with those consumers, both current and potential, who read what you write or see what you post. You may and can be wrong, and there's nothing wrong with that, but hiding the fact that you might be wrong or refusing to acknowledge it when the facts indicate otherwise is intolerable.

That's enough editorializing for this week! The best posts of the week that was await!

On the Moneyed Midways for February 8, 2008
Carnival Post Blog Comments
Carnival of Debt Reduction How I Paid Off my Home with a Home Equity Line of Credit! The Financial Engineer When might it make sense to pay off your mortgage by opening up a Home Equity Line of Credit (aka a HELOC)? The Financial Engineer shows how they made this contrarian-to-common-sense strategy work!
Carnival of Personal Finance A Clogged Drain and Living By Default Smart Easy Money The Best Post of the Week, Anywhere! Here's a teaser from Shana's story: "In just accepting what I saw my mother and other people I knew doing, I was defaulting. I wasn’t reaching for more. I wasn't asking for more. I'm not sure I even thought receiving more was even possible."
Carnival of Real Estate A Nation of Subprime Borrowers? Mortgage Rates Report Brian Brady summarizes why he believes mortgage rates aren't going to go much lower anytime soon and argues that now is the time to take steps to lock your loan.
Carnival of the Capitalists And the Winner Is… Google Three Star Leadership Wally Bock considers at how Yahoo! came to its current state, the role its internal culture played in bringing it there, and what Microsoft's pending purchase of the company is likely to bring. Absolutely essential reading!
Carnival of Trust Building Trust on Your Teams The Bookshare J.D. Meier reviews and excerpts Patrick Lencioni's book about overcoming fears of conflict within an organization and building a "vulnerability-based" trust, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable.
Festival of Stocks Check Out This Recession Proof Stock Dividend Money Tyler says you can "recession-proof" your portfolio by buying shares of TransCanada Pipeline (TRP), suggesting that the combination of a stock trading near its 52-week low and a just-increased dividend make it very attractive.
Festival of Stocks The Market Talks to the Fed SOX First Leon Gettler examines the stock market's recent reaction to the Fed's rate cuts and finds that "that the Fed has once again misunderstood. The problem is about insolvency and ham-fisted monetary policy will do little to address a credit crisis."
Odysseus Medal (Real Estate) Real Estate in A Brave New World Bonzai Real Estate Blog The Black Pearl winner from the Odysseus Medal real estate carnival. Mike from Savannah optimistically views the pending wave of Baby Boomer retirees looking to get away from those places "where road rage and pollution are the nicest things you can say about them," and discusses how local realtors off the beaten track might prepare for their interest.
The Festival of Frugality Cheap Healthy Party Food Cheap Healthy Good The best Super Bowl-related post of the week! Kris mined multiple sources for recipes of good, healthy and inexpensive food to serve during the NFL's Big Game.

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