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07 July 2023

There's no denying it. Summer is here, and it's hot outside. Really hot.

So hot, you sweat a lot while you're outside. If you're not careful, you could become dehydrated. That could be dangerous. Becoming dehydrated could lead to things like heat cramps. Or heat exhaustion. Or heat stroke. None of which would be described as either pleasant or fun.

That's why when it's hot, you want to stay hydrated. That simple fact of life launched the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry, whose products have become the go-to solution for staying hydrated while outside.

And yet, carrying around bottled water, or other beverages, can be a hassle. You could carry it around in things like bags or backpacks, but that means you're either tying up your hands or losing space for carrying other things.

But what if there were a better way to carry about your source of hydration with you? One with a large enough capacity to meet your thirst if you're going to be out in the heat for a long time? That brings us to the subject of Randall D. Flann's innovation of substance dispensing headgear, for which he was awarded U.S Patent 5,966,743 in 1999. Here's Figure 1 from the patent:

U.S. Patent 5,966,743 Figure 1

Not only can Flann's substance dispensing headgear carry a large supply of hydrating fluids, it can easily dispense them, as needed, in the amount needed, whereever it is needed! Flann reveals the problems his invention solves in the background/summary section of the patent:

Based upon a need for containing a substance centuries ago, a vessel was invented. Later, to dispense the substance, a spigot was invented. Both are stationary devices. Transporting the substance was either by animals, or mechanical means, with limited, restrictive, and or regulated distances, and locations.

To resolve this, the inventor has invented a means for transporting a substance, by way of the contained substance being equally distributed upon a person's head resulting in the holding, dispensing, and transportability of the substance, to, from, and at a location, during any time.

The invention comprises wearable headgear for holding, and dispensing a substance, to, from, and at a location. It is worn upon a person's head for access at a location, during any time without hindering, or obstructing the wearer's use of other appendages.

Its wearability upon a person's head allows the substance to be held, transported, and dispensed to, from, and at a location for instantaneous usability, and frees the wearer's hands, for other purposes.

Now for the awesomely awesome part. You can buy Flann's innovation!

In 1999, he established RoFoHeadgear, which markets a wide variety of styles of his innovative concept, many listed for the low, low price of $29.95 plus tax! As an e-commerce site, it lacks for the kind of ease of transaction we've come to associate with the modern internet, but if you're truly interested in acquiring any of Flann's substance dispensing headgear products, we're confident you'll work out how to make it work for you.

From the Inventions in Everything Archives

The IIE team has a long history with its investigations of beverage-related product innovations. Here's the list:


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